Book Promotion Tips For Authors

My publisher sent me the following book promotion tips I thought were worth sharing with new authors. They’re easy to do and not too time consuming. 

Promotion can be done day to day while you perform activities you already do or can enjoy. 


Book Promotion Tips For Authors

Use what may work best for your book out the the nine tips I share that might be perfect for your book.

Simple Tips For New Authors That Can Help You Get Known On The Internet


Although it’s great to get reviews and get your book on book review sites, you also need to promote your book.  Even well-known authors are expected to do their part for promoting their books, especially today when there is so much competition. 

You can never get enough exposure for your book(s), so it’s important that you do what you can do aside from getting help from others who understand how to market books on the Internet. 

It goes without saying that one of the best promotion tips you should follow is to get a website or blog that can highlight your book.  It can center around your book or it can center around your book theme.  Then you can included other books as well.  You can use your name for the domain address.

With a blog you can make regular posts directed toward people who are interested in your book theme.  You only need to post every few days, once a week or even once a month if you’re pressed for time.

By following the book promotion tips below I believe you’ll have fun while you get your book known to the right audience.


Here Are The Book Promotion Tips For Authors From My Publisher

  • Set up a Twitter account. Already have Twitter?  Write down have many followers you have.  Now, start LIVE TWEETING!  Find your favorite show on TV and live tweet with comments about the show.  Watch your followers increase as you do this over the month of June.
  • Post your bookstore link to your Facebook page.  Don’t assume all of your contacts KNOW that you are an author.  Let people know that your book would make a great gift for specific occasions and then let them know WHY.
  • Sign up for a community event or summer festival!  Have a small booth and sell copies of your book to the community.  Networking is key at events like this.  Meet people, let them know they you’d love to come and speak at their church, do a story time at their school, etc.
  • Get involved.  Volunteer with a local organization, tell people there that you are an author in conversation.
  • Tech savvy?  Get an Instagram account!  Post photos from your events, use the hashtag OFTEN.  Sign up for Vine, post short videos of happenings involving your book.
  • Got an event coming up?  Take PHOTOS during the event.  Following the event, post them, tag your visitors so their friends can see.  Post them to Facebook, Twitter, your blog, your website, etc.
  • Not tech savvy?  Mail out a handful of pushcards to some influential people in your town.  Be sure to write a note on the card telling them WHY you sent it to them and why they would enjoy your book!
  • Write a NEW blog post this month!  Find an article in the news that relates to your book’s message and blog about both.
  • Arrange to speak at book clubs.  They love having authors talk about their books.

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