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Christian Book Promotion Service 

About My Book Promotion Service

My Christian Book Promotion Service can help get your book more attention on my site and on the search engines. See below for more details and for ordering.

I will Promote Your Book To Help Get It Known On The Internet!

Hello!  My name is Margaret Lukasik. I am a reviewer and promoter of books on the Internet. I've sold my own books and studies for years on my websites, now it's time for you to take advantage of my experience for your book.

About The Life Purpose Promotion Program

While the major part of my Author's Book Promotion Program offers various forms of promotion including reviews, video and banner advertising, some authors only want a Book Promotion.  This is why I offer this service separate from the review and promotion process.  If you're interested in my total package or would like to know more about it, visit my Book Review and Promotion Program for Life Purpose Books.com.


Do you have a book you'd like to promote?

If the answer is yes, I'd like to help you if you have a book that provides Christian information.  I also promote books that help with family living, education and more. See the book criteria list below.      

What The Book Promotion Page Includes: 

The promotion page is constructed to be attractive to the eye, yet well organized to make it easy for the reader to view all important information about the book.  It is created with keywords that reflect the book title, with keywords used throughout the text for search engine optimization. The words on the page will also be written in a specific way to capture first page attention on the major search engines. But that's not all!

I will also write a blog post for your book using the keyword from your book theme or genre. This will help you reach a larger audience, targeted to your book genre.

The page will include information about the book, the cover of the book, a bio, any book trailers, videos, interviews, etc. It will list other books that the author has written as well with an Amazon.com ad for each book (if appropriate). Social networking to announce your book is also included.

If you'd like me to promote your book I'll be happy to create a beautiful page to attract an audience that is interested in your book genre. 

Does Your Book Fit With My Site's Criteria?

Check the list below to see if your book qualifies for my Book Promotion Program.


  • Christian How-To and Information Books
  • Christian Novels That Mention Or Center On The Life Purpose Theme 
  • Books on education in specific areas
  • Personal Growth Books
  • Personal Development Books
  • General How-To Books For Crafts, Hobbies and Education
  • Books That Inspire and Promote Family Values



  • Books That Are Opposed To Biblical Principles
  • Books That Promote Astrology, Tarot Card Readings, etc.
  • Book With Explicit Sex and Bad Language 
  • Books That Offer Information About The Law Of Attraction, the secret, etc. 

Please Read My Terms Of Service.

What is my fee?

I charge very little for the work I will put into your page. For only $24.97 I can have your page on the Internet within a few days.  I'll make sure that you're happy with your page.    

Once you send the one-time Book Promotion fee of $24.97 through PayPal (you do not need an account with PayPal to pay) you will receive a form to fill in your information so that I can begin your page and complete it within a few days. 

Please read my Terms and Conditions Page before obtaining my service. 


Pay The One-Time Book Promotion Fee Of $24.97

         Once Your Payment is Approved, CLICK ON The Return To Merchant Button To Get The Link To The Author Information Form.  Contact me if you don't get it. 


Book Promotion PayPal Ordering

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