Life Purpose Book Reviews and Promotion Programs By Margaret Lukasik

Life Purpose Book Reviews and Promotion Programs:

The book promotion programs listed below all work together to help get your book known on the Internet.  I also offer a free listing in our Christian Bookstore for those of you who wish to take advantage of the Premium and Classic Promotion Programs.  Otherwise the listing is only a small one-time fee. 

Four Major Benefits Of My Programs

Main Benefit #1

I have 3 Christian Book Promotion Programs that center upon your book and you through a series of features which all work together for greater exposure.

Main Benefit #3

I have been successfully promoting my Christian sites, services and my own books online since 1999 because of my knowledge for getting free, targeted traffic.

Main Benefit #2

My review and promotion pages are search engine friendly to get them more Internet traffic.  Other strategic promotion elements are also implemented.

Main Benefit #4

Because most people are in a hurry when they visit websites we have many listings of your book on our site including our bookstore and index pages.

Thank You For Your Interest!

If you're an author I want to congratulate you on all of the success you've accomplished this far which includes the commitment of writing your book and working to get it known!  It's not easy to take time from work, ministry, family or business to write a book and then do the work it takes to get it published, no matter which avenue of publishing you've chosen.   I hope that I can further assist you in the promotion process if you have a Christian information book or novel.  I desire to help you achieve greater success as you begin the process of getting your book known.  It can be a daunting task if you're new to especially self-publishing, but I can help you through the process by getting you started with one of my three promotion programs or branding elements that will give you the start you need.  Please review the following information to see what I can do for you. 

Best wishes!  -Margaret Lukasik

Major Life Purpose Book Promotion Programs

Premium Book Promotion

This exciting package includes my purchasing your book, a review on, a review page, a promotion page, a promotion video and more. More...

Classic Book Promotion!

The Classic Book Promotion includes one promotion page and most of what you'll find in Premium package.  This is a great package if you don't need a video.  Go here.

Book Promotion Page

The Promotion Page does not include a review, but it promotes your book, you, other books you may have on a beautiful custom page to match your book. More...

Sales Letter Promotion

Product sales letters can get attention from your blog or website audience and keep their interest on one very subject:  YOUR BOOK! The sales letter can be used as your landing page to get your book more attention than just a tiny mention on your site!  Landing pages are a must if you desire to get continued sales. When written correctly they tell the reader why they need a given product.  More...

Life Purpose Book Reviews and Promotion For Video Production

Video Promotion And Why It's Important!

41% of adults in the US watch online videos. According to Invodo, 52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident about what they're buying online.  According to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words! That's the equivalent of 3,600 typical blog pages.   Yes, video is where it's at today.

This is why you need video promotion for your book, service, ministry or business.  We'll create a unique video for you and brand it with your logo and important social network information if you wish for one low cost.  This is not a book trailer or review, but a video up to 90 seconds long that will promote your book on my site, YouTube, Facebook and other social networks for more exposure.  Promotion videos need to be quick to watch and get the information to the viewer in a few seconds.  

I will give you the MP4 file and embed code to do your own promotion as well.   You will also receive a video campaign such as the one below free for one month. More ... 
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