By Rev. James C. Nyemah

Born To Take Charge

You are not a "loser." You are not a "drop-out." You are not "good for nothing." You were BORN TO TAKE CHARGE. There is a champion waiting inside you. You have a voice and a purpose to fulfill. You were born to be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, subdue, and have dominion. You control land, water, air, and everything in it. Yet somewhere along the way you blundered, and now life does not resemble what it ought to be.

Born to Take Charge will teach you how to rediscover a life of purpose and leadership.

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Book Information

  • Genre:  Christian Living
  • Pages:  326
  • Publisher:  America Star Books
  • Language:  English
  • Publish Date:  08/26/2015
  • Reviews:  On

 Book Review By Margaret Lukasik



James Nyemah

"The audience is waiting—do something!" Author James Nyemah appeals to Christians in his new book, Born To Take Charge.  His message of obedience to God's Word explodes throughout each page with encouragement to be productive, live our purpose and develop our minds to accomplish great things that will change lives and make the world better.

   If you're a Christian and you think you're done with life, Born To Take Charge will wake you up and keep you from sleeping through the rest of your life to accomplish the exciting changes that lay in wait for you!  You're going to learn that God is not done with you yet.  God has great plans for you to develop and fulfill, and this book gives the push and encouragement we all need to strive for more with God and keep moving forward!  Settling for the mediocre is not a part of God's plans for His people and you're going to learn what type of plans God has in store for you!

   James also identifies the problems that keep many Christians from succeeding in life, using scripture to reveal God's instruction, strategies and wisdom to overcome whatever is holding a person back from their best life. People get caught up spending time in the wrong places with the wrong people doing things that bring harm rather than goodness, but as Christians we need to follow a clear path with God that will produce success instead of failure. The direction for leadership is clearly given so that anyone, no matter where they are in the world or what their background, can rise above their past failures with God to achieve victory over the limiting thoughts that keep them bound.   

   If you're looking for a guide that will scripturally lead you to get busy and begin living the rest of your life centered upon God, this book will take you beyond inspiration to an attitude of taking charge of your life for greatness in Jesus Christ.



Reverend James Nyemah

Rev. James Nyemah is the founder and pastor of Africa Faith Expressions in Phoenix, Arizona. He is a dynamic speaker who conducts leadership conferences across Liberia (West Africa), touching thousands of pastors and community leaders. He is also the author of "Where is God?" He and his wife, Lucy, live in Glendale, Arizona. Their daughter, Precious, is a sophomore at the University of Arizona in Tucson. 

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Rev. James' First Book

Where Is God?

Rev. James Nyemah asks the difficult questions about God and life. If God is such a loving and caring father, why does he allow bad things to happen to good people, including Christians?

Why do Christians experienced evils like those who do not know God when the Almighty, All Powerful, All Knowing, and All Present God is their God? Why do bad things happen to good people?  Where is God will show you why many Christians are living with problems and why it seems that God isn't in their midst.   Go here to read my review. 


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