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Hello!  Let My Classic Christian Book Review and Promotion Page Help Get Your Book Known On The Internet.    

It's been helping authors for over 6 years and is dedicated to sharing quality books and information of genres which will help others live their life and life purpose successfully." Christian novels, how-to and information books or children books are all welcome as long as they reflect the Christian ethic.  

My site dynamic targets the Christian growth audience to help Christian authors get more exposure.  Watch this video!

This Is My Classic Program, But I have Two Other Great Programs!

1. Premium Book Promotion

Amazon book purchase/review, site pages and review, social networking, blog posts, video -- Learn More.

2. Classic Book Promotion

Amazon book purchase and revew, one page for a site review and promotion information -- See Below.

3. Book Promotion Page

Promotion only without a review but great for SEO marketing and getting great exposure -- Learn More.

Premium Featured Benefits

Receive blog posts, a professional video review by me, free social campaigns and a free promotion page.

Classic Featured Benefits

Get a "stand out" banner, a search engine friendly promotion/review page, a blog post and more...

Promo Page Featured Benefits

This is a great marketing tool to promote your book, yourself and other important information for the cost.

My Site Attract Readers Who Love The Books I Promote.

My site is filled with articles and studies that enhance the books I promote.  They bring  targeted traffic consisting of people looking for the type of information found in the book categories listed within my Christian Book Review and Promotion Programs.  I also have the experience and the right tools to create the kind of pages, ads and videos that get noticed on the Internet.  As an added bonus, for two of my promotions I purchase the author's book and give a "verified review" on  This offers more credibility than a large group of reviews given from book promoters who have a chain of people read a book they didn't purchase.  This must be stated in the review.  I get many notices from that my review helped to sell a book or product because I purchased it!       - Margaret Lukasik

Let Me Help You Get Your Book Known With My Classic Book Review and Promotion!

See below for the complete list of all the great benefits you'll receive with the

Promotion Page

Free Book Promotion Page

The promotion page details the author, video, book purchasing information, bio, other books they have published and any other important information. Example

Book Reviews

Your Book Will Get The Internet Marketing It Needs and My SEO Expertise!

Book Review!

About The Book Review

I read each book once I have created the promotion page. Since I am very specific about the type of books I review, I can give great and honest reviews.

My Book Promotion Process


Here's How It Works... 

Once you pay my one-time fee, you will receive an email form to fill out and return to me.  I will automatically receive it.  I will use the information you send me to begin the process.   It's that simple.  I've been helping Christian authors since 2010 and I have developed many skills and tools to help get your book known on the Internet.  See below for the list of great promotion you will receive through this program.

Once I gather your information, I will make your page beautiful and engaging as well as search engine friendly. It will include all the information you send me such as social networks, awards, video, affiliations, etc. It will be published within the first week to begin the process of getting your book known on the Internet.  I will also make an added announcement blog post for your book on my Christian Book Review Blog which gives added search engine listings. The promotion page is not a blog post, so it will always be easy to find through an index page within my prominent "Book Reviews" navigation and on the home page.     

And with my 14 years of Internet marketing experience and over 6 years of book review and promotion experience I will promote your book in various categories of interest through the use of keywords to target the best suited audience for your book genre which includes a promotion page, a review on that specific page and a blog post written with Search Engine Optimization techniques. I put careful thought into your promotion page and blog post on this site. 

After I review your book, I'll publish the review on the promotion page that I had created and previously published as well as on as a verified buyer. I'll also promote your book on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks when I publish your page and blog posts.   Then follow my newsletter to easily manage your promotion efforts with regular tips and strategies.  SEE BELOW!


Keep Your Promotion Going!

Once your page has been completed and your review written, use them to continually promote your book by placing a mention of the review with a link to the promotion page from your website.  I'll have a link to your website as well.  Also mention your review and promotion page on Facebook, Twitter and your other social networks.  Do this for all of your other reviews and promotions as well.  Don't just forget about them -- keep them working for you!   

Write regular blog posts to get better known.   Write some posts with exerps from your book with an image of the cover at the end of the post that includes a link to where your book can be purchased.  Make it interesting and keep mentioning unique things about yourself and your writing to help people feel they know and like you.  Keep working at making yourself and book get better known!  Speaking is a great way to let people know about your book locally--especially at book clubs.  Sometimes you even get dinner which gives you the opportunity to talk with the members before speaking about your book!  You may be surprised at how many book clubs there are in your community.

 Featured Testimonies

"Margaret Lukasik provides a priceless service to Christian authors for very small fees.  When I do a Google search for the title of our book, one of her pages comes up first, even before Amazon and my own website!  Gary's Promotion Page.

- Gary Milner  Author Of Slaying Life's Dragon's and Beasts

"Hi Margaret, thank you again for your encourageing work.  Working with you has been a true blessing and I will continue to follow your work at Life Purpose God bless.  Steve Byrens"  Visit Steve's Promotion Page.

- Steve Byrens   Author Of  The Cure - Prescription For Life

You Will Receive All Of The Following

With The Classic Package:


1. I will purchase your book and give you an additional review on condensed from your review on my site.

2. 1 promotion page constructed with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to achieve great page ranking.

3. 1 announcement blog post of your promotion page on my Christian Book Review Site.

4. 1 full review on the promotion page with specific keywords placed strategically for SEO ranking.

5. 1 announcement blog post of your completed review with SEO on this site.

6. Broadcast of your review and blog posts to my major social networks including Twitter.


8. Your other books and information will be listed on your page.

9. Your purchase ads plus any other sales links you may have such as your site, CreateSpace, etc placed on your page

10. Your social network links will be included on your page if you have them.

11. I will include your email and website address if you wish to promote them.

12. Your book will be listed on the Book Reviews Index Page to give your book another way to get noticed on my site and for better Search Engine Ranking.

13. Become a part of my "Authors Helping Author's Facebook Group (this is optional). Freely post your book information.

Questions and Answers

1. What Is My Experience?

I've been successfully promoting my Christian books since 1987 and the books of other authors since 2010 using my copywriting skills for SEO .

2. What Is SEO And Why Use It?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a means of making website, content and site organization set up for ranking on the first pages of the search engines.

3. How Long is The Process?

The Classic Package takes me from 2 1/2 to 3 weeks depending upon the time it takes to obtain all the information needed.  Two and a half weeks is usual.     

4. Why Use My Program?

My site gives authors the advantage of becoming a working part of my high profile site rather than lost within thousands of book reviews for all genres.

5. What Books Do I Accept?

Christian Life or Life Purpose, Fulfillment, Inspiration, Christian Novels, Goal setting, Children, Family living, craft and health - all based upon the Christian ethic.

6.  Why Trust Me With Your Book?

Each author and their book is special to me. I put the same care into their promotion as I do for my own books.  I desire for the authors on my site to succeed!


Pay The One-Time Christian Book Review Fee Of $89.97. Once Your Payment is Approved by PayPal, CLICK The Return To Merchant Button To Get The Link To The Author Information Form. Please contact me if you don't get it and I will respond quickly.

Go to my Terms and Conditions Page before sending me your information.


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