The Christian Heritage:

God's Answers For A Searching World

By Floyd Bland

The Revised Edition Of "The Christian Heritage - God's Answers For A Searching World"

Have you ever wondered what the Christian life looks like in a perfect world? The Christian Heritage illustrates it through eight attributes, which when applied will:

•Strengthen our faith in Christ (faith)
•Help us live lives of moral excellence (virtue)
•Show the importance of learning God's Word through Christian discipleship and applying it through relevant and effective service to God and others (knowledge)
•Demonstrate the importance of personal self-control in the Christian life (temperance)
•Show how we can patiently endure to the end (patience)
•Teach us the importance of piety and sanctity in the Christian life and how they are attained (godliness)
•Show how brotherly kindness can be expressed to perfection within the Christian life (brotherly kindness), and
•Show how we can demonstrate God's unconditional love, which is the crowning glory of the Christian life (love)

Through the use of compelling Bible verses, the works of other authors, and practical applications, The Christian Heritage will help the reader understand how to live a Christ-centered life in an ever-changing world.

Important Highlights At A Glance

Learn About God's Love

Don't just speak about God's unconditional love, learn how to demonstrate it to others.

Christ-Centered Life

No matter what is happening in the world, learn how to live a Christ-centered life.


Make personal self-control a working part of your Christian lifestyle and testimony.

Service To God

Apply Christian discipleship through relevant and effective service to God and others.

Book Information

                  Publish Date:   2008, 2014, 2017

                  Print Length:  150 pages

Genre:  Spiritual Growth/Christian Living

Bookstores:  Amazon, Kindle and Barnes and Noble.

Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

Many Christians are confused about how to follow scripture in their daily lives to become living examples of Jesus Christ. There are many confusing messages about how Christians are to act, speak and even feel, causing many to unknowingly follow man instead of God. However, with the Word as our beacon of light to follow, Christians can take heart as they take time to make scripture a lifestyle. However, we need leadership from those God has called to teach the Body Of Christ and guide them into successful Christian living.

The Christian Heritage - God's Answers for a Searching World offers just such leadership. It's written by Floyd Bland, a man who has grown up in a Christian home and who has dedicated his life to serving the Lord as pastor, teacher, ministry leader, prison chaplain, and administrator. This is a man who understands how to live the Word and to help others identify with Christ by becoming transformed in Him.

Too many Christians have felt lost after receiving their salvation because they were left to understand the scriptures on their own. Attending a few Bible studies doesn’t help to overcome the numerous problems new Christians face. I found The Christian Heritage a great source of guidance for new Christians, Christians new to the Word and for pastors and teachers to understand their responsibilities to God’s people. The book clearly and concisely organizes what believers need to know, where to study in the Bible, what God expects of us and how to attain our purpose in Him.

I enjoyed the relevant situations found at the end of each chapter to help Christians better understand what the chapter was about and how they can apply it to their own lifestyle. I found myself escaping to various scenarios from my past to see how I dealt with similar situations or how I would handle a situation I’ve never experienced. These "verbal pictures" make a person feel accountable to the Word of God. They also help Christians avoid becoming judgmental, but instead introspective about keeping the Word alive in their lives.

I give this book 10 stars, even though on most evaluation sites the maximum number is 5. The Christian Heritage by Floyd Bland is a "must read" for all Christians. It shares so many important Christian truths about behavior, attitudes and church leadership that I recommend it as a reference guide as well as a book of Christian growth. It’s 100% based upon scripture which is a must for me when I read books that discuss living the Word.

The author's writing is so compelling that you’ll want to read through to the end quickly to learn more about what he has to say, but many of the pages hold onto your heart and mind for a time before you can turn the page. As a Christian who has spent many years seeking God’s truth because my childhood church put a limit on what Christians need to know, I have nothing but praise for The Christian Heritage.  I would have found it an invaluable source of Christian growth and God's love for me so many years ago!

About The Author 

Floyd Bland

A product of a Christian home, Floyd Bland has dedicated his life to serving the Lord Jesus Christ as pastor, teacher, ministry leader, prison chaplain and administrator.

Through Not Of The World Ministries, Inc., Floyd presents sound, practical, Bible-based interactive learning models for Christian living in order to help other Christians to enhance their fellowship with God and others.

A seminary graduate, Floyd married his best friend and helpmate. Together they are blessed to have two grown children and a grandson.

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