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By Penny N. Haavig

Christia Historical Fiction

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The main character, Violet, hides her insecurities, grief and the scars of the past by playing characters on the vaudeville stage in Brooklyn. An invisible mask covers the anguish in her heart. 

  Her Italian father dreams of seeing her perform on Broadway, while Violet is torn between being a prima ballerina or disappearing in the crowd. She’s an outward success, but an inward failure. Mental issues bite at her heels. 

  Will Violet escape a nervous breakdown?  Find out now by clicking on either of the links below! 

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Christian Historical Fiction

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387 Pages


BookBaby; 1st edition

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Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

I’ve read many Christian novels, but Laugh, Clown Laugh by Penny N. Haavig is the most compelling, historically interesting and inspirational book I’ve read! It takes place in Brooklyn, New York during the 1930’s and extends into the 1950’s. The story comes alive from page one and continues through uphill battles, romance, the yearning for purpose, and the darkness that lurks deep within the human soul.

I couldn’t help but fall in love with the story’s main character, Violet, who faces the constant pull of her father to remain in the fading world of vaudeville and away from her deepest dream of becoming a ballerina. Young, beautiful and talented, she watches opportunities, friends and family continuously slip away. She continues her quest to live her dream, but her deep love and desire to please her father always takes precedence. Violet rarely withdraws her love from even those who hurt her the most, until the pain of betrayal is too deep to endure. Something has to give and it does!

Although true love enters her life as an adult that leads to the joy of marriage and family, her life spirals downward, even amid the discovery of her true purpose. She finally has everything, but something deep within her is missing. The rest of the story takes an unforgettable turn that left me in tears. I rarely cry at movies and never when reading a book, but there’s always a first time. I couldn’t hold back the tears from its beautiful, but shocking ending.

The author’s talent for writing and ability to hold her reader’s attention gives life to an already powerful story that I highly recommend.  I hope that Laugh, Clown Laugh will someday become a movie. It’s got the depth and development of characters that all flow together into an unforgettable storyline that features the main character’s amazing life. While it holds a beautiful Christian message, people of all beliefs will find this book impossible to put down until they read it to the end! 

About The Author, Penny N. Haavig

Christia Historical Fiction

Penny was born in New York City as Penny Jane Funk. Her parents didn’t want her growing up with such a quirky last name, so they changed it to Munro. Ballet, piano lessons and school work eluded her. Hence, a love for horses became her whole life. She grew up on Long Island with the beautiful Sound at the tips of her toes. 

Penny always loved working with children. She taught Pre-school and owned a day care center in upstate New York, called The Sunshine Patch. She had a part as an extra in the movie,The Way we Were. Penny has two grown daughters and five grandchildren, that live in different parts of the country. 

Flying the blue skies was pretty common pre-covid. When Her husband, Guy died suddenly of a heart attack in 2000, she was lost. Someone suggested she do something she loves. Horses trotted back into her life. After some time, she met the second love of her life, Tom. She left her home state of New York and headed to Minnesota. Not once did Penny look back.

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