What I Learned About Having Great Faith For Answered Prayer


Dynamic Faith For Answered Prayer

When I first began to study the Bible I centered upon developing great faith for answered prayer.  My main goal was for myself.  First I prayed that I would be good enough for God to use me.  Second, I needed God to give my life direction.  I was young, divorced from a cheating husband and I had a young daughter.  I was also an adult and the responsibility for change was upon me.   

I just didn’t know how to make the changes I needed, but I was a blank slate ready to absorb God’s Word for change and victory, but I had a negative mindset that needed to be overcome. Since I was a child the message of failure was all I heard about myself, so you would think that as a young adult I would get as far away from family as I possible could. 

However, I had been told for so long that I was worthless, I believed with all my heart and mind that I couldn’t survive on my own. The other reason was that I believed with all my heart that I would be a bad Christian if I walked away from my family–no matter how badly they treated me.  They were Christians, but when I began to study the Bible and discover who I was in Christ, they accused me of being evil.  

I Learned How To Move Forward In Christ

I came to learn that I was worthy before God in Christ Jesus and that I was already good enough to receive answered prayer because of His shed blood on the cross.  There was nothing I could do on my own to receive God’s approval.  This truth was liberating!  However, my new confidence in Christ caused my family to verbally attack me. 

One relative physically attacked me (the deacon in our family church) because he said I was a nobody and would always be a non-person.  He was angry that God’s Word had freed me from the negative image my family had given me.   My older sister said I didn’t deserve to even be happy while my mother spread lies to other family members that I was had become a bad person.  

My boldness in Christ caused a real stir in my family.  Their attacks against me didn’t stop so I eventually moved away after I had remarried.  I should have done it much sooner, but I hated to leave the new church I had found that taught me God’s Word.  I’m so thankful for what they taught because it kept me from listening to the lies my family told me about myself. 

All the changes I needed to make became easy as I turned them over to Jesus and rested in Him.

Matthew 11:29, “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls,”

Because of my study about having great faith for answered prayer I eventually learned that to walk with Christ means to think God’s thoughts, not the thoughts put in our heads from others if they go against the Word.  We can never have great faith for answered prayer if we don’t allow our thinking to fall in line with God’s Word.  We need to see ourselves as wonderful and great through Jesus Christ because that’s how God sees us.

Great Faith For Answered Prayer Goes Beyond Individual Needs 

Learning this lesson, allowed me to understand there is a greater purpose for having great faith for answered prayer.  It’s for having the ability to pray for others and to pray for the lost that they might be saved.  I thank God for this understanding because it gave my life greater meaning and purpose.  I also came to understand that it’s an important part of living God’s purpose for our lives.

If the Bible isn’t working for you or you don’t have answered prayer, you need to see yourself through Jesus Christ.  Your self-esteem and confidence will grow and you’ll be able to receive what you ask for in prayer.

If you need help with your prayer life and you don’t know where to begin, you may be interested in learning more about faith and prayer dynamics.  I gathered all the information I learned from my studies in an easy to read Bible study with step-by-step instructions that will help you make changes in your life right away.  See below to learn more about great faith for answered prayer.



Great Faith For Answered Prayer



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