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Margie and The Wild Dogs​ Meets The Bible ShredderMargie and the Wild Dogs Meet the Bible Shredder by John Murray offers an exciting mix of mystery, intrigue, inspiration and adventure.  This fun book recently became available and has already entertained a large audience of Christian mystery and fiction readers.

It’s a fun story for all ages with references to famous characters from the past and present and a list of Bible persons that Margie and the Wild Dogs, discover.  The Wild Dogs are Margie’s teenage companions.

Watch my review video below to learn more about this exciting story and more about how I felt about it!  It includes a short version of my 5 star book review found on my book review page.

I was amazed with the ending of the book.  I was so intrigued about the Bible Shredder and where it fit into the story. But the best was saved for last!

As a writer I appreciated the way in which author John Murray was able to take a story that begins with fun and adventure, create a string of intrigue throughout and then end the story in a most unforgettable and reflective way.

I admire his talent and ability to write a good story that has merit on it’s own rather than filling it with bad language and subjects that are uncomfortable to read.  There’s none of that in this story! It took much skill to organize the many ups and downs of the main characters, yet keep the story going strong to the end.  I appreciate the author’s talent to write a great story.

Christian Fiction and Inspiration Story, Margie and the Wild Dogs Meet The Bible Shredder


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