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Phoenix Of The Clergy

The History That Defines a Ministry

By E. C. Andercheck

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About "Deacon - Phoenix Of The Clergy"

The Christian theology book, Deacon – Phoenix of the Clergy is a part of a series (see below). It brings brilliant theological clarity to true diaconal ministry by engaging the reader with an intense and readable look into its history. The prescription for success is simply defined and canonically faithful. This is a must-read for deacons, the laity and the church hierarchy – for all who appreciate that church must change.

Christian Theology Books

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Christian Theology Books

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Product details: Publisher: Xulon Press (February 15, 2017) Language: English Paperback: 120 pages

Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

Deacon – Phoenix Of The Clergy, The History That Defines a Ministry is written by E.C. Andercheck. He is a Benedictine Oblate of Saint Meinrad and a historical theologian which gives important credibility to this work. His research is impressively thorough on the history of the diaconate for the purpose of addressing a growing challenge in the Roman Catholic Church.

Until I read the book, I hadn’t realized that since 1965 the growing Catholic population in the United States has continued to rise while the growth of priests entering the church has declined. This problem is so significant that the author calls it a “dilemma.” It can’t be seen any other way when we realize this dramatic shortage of priests leaves a large gap between the Catholic population in the U.S. and the church’s ability to meet their spiritual as well as physical needs.

E.C. Andercheck’s in-depth historical account of the position of deacon from where it began, declined, and to where it can again emerge is no doubt interesting, but this information goes to a much deeper level. He states that any separation between the church’s minister and God’s people is a structural blockade to the light of Christ. I found this comment to be a meaningful thread throughout the book as he brings together the historical account of the diaconate. We see where it can be of great assistance to priests, and where both offices can work simultaneously within the church to evangelize God’s people.

The body of this extensive work not only helps one to realize the importance of the deacon, but it also helps to identify the current needs of the people and the signs of the times that the office must consider. Taking this information into account is vital for the purpose of realizing success in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. The information included is invaluable and can be used for all Christian faiths as a model for greater Christian service. In conclusion, I believe that Deacon – Phoenix Of The Clergy can be a pervasive catalyst for smoothly transforming this important function back into the church and communities.

About The Author...

E.C. Andercheck, is a Benedictine Oblate of Saint Meinrad and historical theologian, he combines this spirituality with the experience of decades of ministry and corporate leadership to create the unbridled strategic thinking that lies beneath his research and writing. He holds a Doctor of Ministry from Duke University in the Theology of Christian Leadership, and a Master of Theological Studies from Vanderbilt University. 

He has written on theology, ecclesiology, ecumenism, social justice and Christian leadership in the medieval church. His research focuses on ecclesiology and ecumenism. He is shown with his Harris Hawk, Odin preparing for a day of Falconry and meditation.

Ecumenical Trends has published his essays and submitted one for the The Catholic Press Association awards. His Essay, The Ordination of Women Deacons – Ecumenical Possibilities won their 2019 Honorable Mention award.


Walk Closely With Him

So That You Might Believe

By The Reverend E. C. Andercheck, DMin.

Walk closely with Him is written about and for people on faith journeys, it is about the faith journeys within my calling to ministry and the miracles of Jesus of Nazareth, as St. John talks about those encounters.

The genre is Religious/Christian Living/Spiritual; the story is about God’s relationship with us and how knowing and modeling the life of Jesus is the hope of God, our Creator. It is about dropping the rules about religion and seeking hope and love in the path of Jesus Christ.

The message is that you can learn to walk forward in life without fear by knowing that Jesus is with you. By admitting that we cannot do this life alone, we open our hearts to our Lord and we realize that we are no longer alone.

This book is an inspirational pastoral effort to help people move closer to Christ, and move forward in life with less stress, fear, anxiety and aloneness; to build a spiritual trust in something bigger than ones’ self.

This manuscript is a brand-new book idea of 21,000 words so far, it is more than half done and planned for completion in June of 2021. The words are driven by sermons I have written and preached, and by theologies that I have argued over and by dreams that I have had about helping people and saving souls.

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