Liberated from Church Hurt By Dr. Shon Shree Lewis Is A Book For All Christians and Especially Church Leadership


Church HurtI’ve just listened to the audio version of Liberated By Church Hurt by Dr. Shon Shree Lewis. However, it’s available in Kindle and paperback. You can visit her page on Amazon.

It’s a book that should be found in every church library and as a required new member’s guide concerning how to treat others in church and how to heal from any and all church hurt.

When someone in the church hurts you, it’s important to recognize the harm done for healing to occur and to understand that someone’s ignorance of the Bible should not keep you from attending church or seeking God’s will for your life.  This is where I believe Dr. Lewis’s information is so valuable.

Education For Church Leadership

Church leadership should and must be educated in God’s ordained and divine order of the church and be held accountable for following it. I’ve visited many churches and have found that a lack of order sets the tone for a lack of following the Bible when it comes to the actions of leadership, members and how they treat new members and visitors.

New members and visitors must be treated with the utmost care, yet I’ve seen visitors treated as unwanted or not important as potential members because they appeared to have little money or were of a nationality not approved by the leadership. However, I also watched caring members show God’s love to those same people to give them a true Christian welcoming experience.

The author shares invaluable information for educating parishioners who have suffered such treatment and a variety of soul wounds due to a lack of Godly behavior from church members, and worse, church leadership all the way to the level of pastor.  It teaches the path to healing which includes how to find a Word-based church.

Dr. Lewis is a wonderful example of a Christian woman who is blessing others through her life purpose. For every problem she describes within the church she gives Biblical truths for healing, how to grow spiritually, and how to receive confirmation from God about a given subject, such as knowing for sure that one has found the best church in one’s local area to attend. She also clears the confusion of women leadership in the church along with a list of multiple issues that can cause church hurts.

About The Author, Dr. Shon Shree Lewis

Dr. Shon Shree Lewis is clearly qualified to write in the genres of Christian spiritual growth and Christian counseling where her book is found on Amazon.  As of January 2020 she earned her Doctor of Divinity Ph.D Degree from Grace Christian College, in South Carolina. On June 10th, 2020, she was affirmed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as an Apostle of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  She became a Certified Professional Life Coach and a licensed Christian Pastor in 2019.

My Recommendation

I believe that “Liberated from Church Hurt” is a book for all Christians, especially church leaders. I found it to be 5-star reading. It guides church members and leadership to be observant concerning their behavior and the behavior of others to insure that God’s love is always maintained and offered to all people no matter what their nationality or background. I highly recommend this book for all Christians.

To read my 5-Star review and many others who have enjoyed the book, click the following link that leads to Dr. Lewis’s page on Amazon: Liberated From Church Hurt.


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