A quick Glance At Coco’s Courage Meeting The Dentist

Dr. Shon Shree Lewis​
  • Beautiful Illustrations By Viona Betzy
  • A fun way To Teach Your Child Not To Lie.
  • Coco Learns To Be Brave At The Dentist.
  • Teach Your Child About Healthy Eating.
  • Share Prayer and Faith With Your Child.

An Excellent Book For Small Children...

This wonderful children’s book shares so many aspects for successful and well-rounded parenting. While it centers on little Coco getting a tooth cavity from stealing candy and eating every piece, the story expands from that point. Coco learns about healthy eating, that it’s wrong to steal and lie and how to trust God in faith through prayer.  

Her parents firmly but lovingly teach her what she did wrong and that there are consequences she must face. She learns through prayer to have the courage to visit the dentist to get her tooth filled. Her mother explains the process in detail but in a way Coco can understand at her age to keep her calm. She isn’t a bad child, just growing up and learning lessons that her wise parent’s are happy to teach her. 

This is a great book for children. The illustrations are beautiful and perfectly describe each situation. They’re cute and adorable and little Coco makes a great character for a continuing series of teaching books for children and parents, caretakers or guardians. I highly recommend for small children.  

Review By Margaret Lukasik

About The Author

Dr. Shon Shree Lewis

Dr. Shon Shree Lewis is an Apostle, Pastor, Professor, Doctor of Divinity Ph.D, Doctor of Theology, an Author, Professional Life Coach, Anti-Discrimination Activist, and Entrepreneur of Inspirational products, that resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 1995, after accepting Jesus as her Lord and Savior, she received the Holy Spirit. Afterwards, she had years of challenges and spiritual growing, that helped to develop her character of compassion and integrity for God and her ministry.