The Daughters Of Job

Christian Fiction Story by Gardenia Yud

A Great Reading Experience For All Ages

About The Daughters Of Job

Three exceptional women come to the forefront of this fictional story that takes place after the rise of their father, Job, from the depth of his deep pain, despair, and darkness. Each emanates the essence of Job's personal experience that reflect peace, grace, and beauty, yet the women are diverse in character and spiritual strength.   

Jemima faces old enemies of Job, and through them understands traditional precepts as she contemplates her destiny and at the same time guides her father into new alliances with wisdom. The sensitive and wise Keziah embarks on a journey alongside her beloved, spreading the fragrance and fruits of her story along the way. Keren-happuch, always beautiful and vain, goes into an adventure that awakens her to a new level of spirituality that not even the Almighty had been able to make her see.

Through endurance, each of the women discover the meaning of what the old prophet declared and echoes through time – “My ears have heard of You, but now my eyes have seen You.”

Highlights Of The Daughters Of Job

Keeps The Reader's Interest

Centered around a family of great renown, the story builds with great interest from the introduction that leads to the lives of Job's three very special and uncommon daughters. 

Women Living Their Destiny

The story revolves around three exceptional sisters who outshine their brothers and arrest the attention of those in their company with their unique qualities.

Beautifully Written 

The sister's uncommon grace and beauty is only outdone by the descriptive writing of author who artistically brings to life each character and scene with words. 

Kindle Book Details

  • Print Length:  329 Pages
  • Publisher:  Blaze Editorial 
  • Publication Date:  4-13-2018 

Book Review By Margaret Lukasik 

I fell in love with The Daughters of Job by Gardenia Yud straightaway from the first page. It’s an exciting fictional story that takes place after the period of Job’s trials and afflictions. His renewed strength and God’s blessings heaped upon his new family bring them great monetary privilege, honor and protection.

   While his sons and daughters prospered, at some point, each of his three daughters came to overshadow their brothers when it came to their accomplishments and the authority they held over others. They were women of destiny, although it went against tradition for women to be so ambitious, but their father was not about to undo what God had ordained! He was conflicted at times about his three girls, but he would make sure that each woman would discover her purpose and live it to the fullest!

   The three daughters, considered the loveliest in the city of Uz and wherever Job’s fame had spread, were in order of birth, Jemima, Keziah, and Keren-happuch. As told, they were given the rare privilege to choose their destinies which was clearly not socially acceptable nor was it backed by their manipulative mother. Because of her weakness, Job became the strength of his daughters, even when their fate or decisions had led them to lands far from home, and at times, into the deceitful hands of evil.

   Choosing one’s destiny should never be determined lightly, but because the sisters could only understand the privileged life they had always known, there were decisions made from the heart without consideration of the evils that can befall the innocent. That’s not to say they were foolish. They were intelligent, but did they have the strength their destinies required of them? When pushed to the edge, the daughters of Job learned to stretch their courage and their faith to allow the hand of God to intervene where they could no longer prevail on their own.

   Bright, strong willed and level-headed, Jemima, was the first sister to embark on her destiny, but not as she had inwardly planned. It was an unexpected journey that brought pain and suffering to the young girl who had never known harsh words outside those of her mother or the pain of physical harm. While captured and imprisoned by enemies of her father, the outcome of her ordeal clearly solidified her destiny and her dreams.

   Sweet Keziah, the middle daughter, began her destiny before she even realized it was in progress. Her heart was tender, yet strong enough to keep her from listening to the constant warnings of her mother and persuasions to follow her desires instead. Instinctively, but more by God’s lead, Keziah knew she must remain on the path that would lead to her most fulfilled life. Both Jemima and Keziah were determined to live without compromise and fulfill their purpose to the benefit of others while their younger sister, Keren-happuch’s dreams weren’t so altruistic or profound.

   The young, beautiful girl with startling blue eyes, set her heart and mind on riches and the continued accumulation wealth until it almost destroyed her life. Stranded and left to her own devices, she eventually realized the power of God’s love and understood the truth within her father’s heart.

   I highly recommend The Daughters of Job to all ages. The author is a wonderful writer with great skills that paint a beautiful story of three sisters and three destinies that led each woman back to their father’s arms and forward into their own lives. Once you start reading it, you won’t want to put it down!

Meet The Author Of The Three Daughters of Job

Gardenia Yud

Gardenia lives in Brazil.  In all humbleness, she states that she is driven by the dreams God gives her.   You can learn more about Gardenia by visiting her website.   It's in Spanish, but look for the translation link.

Her website:  Gardenia Yud

Follow Gardenia on 

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