Divine Towels

A Unique Christian Fiction Story By Beau Jason McGlynn

Divine Towels Is A Unique Story About Selfless Giving

Inspirational Christian Story That Has A Powerful Message From Jesus!  


Divine Towels

By Beau Jason McGlynn

This is a fictional story set in modern times that offers a powerful message from Jesus that all Christians must learn.  The story begins with Jesus asking Ethan and his mother, Claire, to do a very special mission for Him.  He wants them to open a nonprofit store, called Divine Towels, where people have their feet washed. Depending on how much faith people have, they will be given healing in one form or another according to God's will and in his time.

Those who  are "the healed" think differently and have the uncanny ability to come up with unique solutions to complex problems. The book has received many great reviews.  Go here to find out what others are saying about it.Click here for more information about the author and a video review about his book.

Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

Divine Towels The Spiritual Way To Solve Problems

By Beau Jason McGlynn

Have you ever thought about having the God-given ability to heal people by just being able to lay your hands on them, and through the power of Christ they receive a healing for whatever afflicts them? How wonderful that would be for any Christian. But what happens when God grants you the ability to heal afflictions not just some of the time or even some afflictions, but all types of physical ailments all of the time? How would your life change? How would you cope with the responsibility and commitment to bring this miracle to people in need? Divine Towels is a fictional story about two caring people who face that daunting task. It takes the reader through the period of their lives when they are first made aware of God's plan for them, and it continues through the daily activities that become necessary to fulfill the new challenges presented to them.

Author Jason McGlynn gives us a sensitive look into the lives of two Christians, a man and his mother, who have longed for a way to fulfill God's plan for them. As you read the foreword to this moving Christian story, you see that Jason McGlynn himself has experienced a difficult life dealing with cerebral palsy. Almost from birth his mother was told she should institutionalize him as he would never be able to function in life. With her devotion and constant care Jason has worked hard to achieve a Master's Degree and now works for the Federal Aviation Administration. Jason can be called an expert on being faithful and living the Biblical verse, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." So as the book unfolds you see two people, true in their faith and dedicated to their cause to heal no matter what the naysayers and evil forces throw at them.

In Divine Towels people receive their healing by having their feet washed by the ordained healer. They are not only healed of their physical ailments but they are also transformed and given the power and wisdom to know how to break down the barriers of their lives. As these people are unburdened of earthly desires they become aware of God's plan for them. Progressing through the story the healing ministry grows as more of the faithful see their role in God's plan. However, when multitudes are healed, the fact becomes clear to doctors that there will soon be no need for their services, causing a dilemma that puts a cloud over the ministry.

Throughout Divine Towels Jason gives the reader a clear breakdown of how to accomplish things thought to be impossible by doing them God's way. By quieting yourself and praying before every endeavor, he shows us that you can listen for that still small voice inside each of us to receive an answer. Faith in God and prayer should be an everyday practice allowing the Holy Spirit to enter your life and guide you in all that you do. Divine Towels The Spiritual Way To Solve Problems is a story that will stir your heart to believe that the verse "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" from Philippians 4:13 will always bring victory.

If you love Christian fiction, I highly recommend this inspirational story!

Divine Towels Video Review

Divine Towels Book Reviews From Amazon.com (14)

Heavy in faith 

June 20, 2012, By Neil L. Cohen (Format:Paperback) 

The book is for those want to or already believe in a higher spirit. The author seemed to literally pour his soul into it. It can make a believer out of a non-believer. Comment 

A Yielded Life 

July 14, 2012, By Elaine Littau VINE VOICE  (Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase)

Divine Towels, is a book about a young man and his mother with a calling on their lives. The characters portrayed in this book are totally yielded to the Lord and His work. It begins like most real ministries do, with a life of prayer and devotion. When it seemed that the desire to help people find the healing touch of God would not be made possible in their own lives, they were overwhelmed by the presence of the Lord and the direction He gave to begin a ministry of washing the feet of those who desperately needed healing. They stepped out in faith and began this ministry that many people might not understand. As the mother and son began to minister to the people who came into their store by washing their feet, miracles began to happen. Soon, they needed help because of the demand placed on them by those who were suffering. The ministry expands and the biggest miracle is that those in service to the people stay humble before God.


March 7, 2014, By Colleen Bass  (Kindle Edition, Amazon Verified Purchase)

I truly enjoyed reading Divine Towels. Jason has captured the heart of God in this book. It challenges you to examine your own faith and walk with the Lord. It also inspires you to dream about your own identity in Christ, challenging you to rise up and become all you can be in Him, and allow Him to be all He can be in and through you!



March 4, 2014, By LESLIE TAYLOR - (Amazon Verified Purchase; Paperback)

This book will change ones life after reading just a few pages. It truly is a life changing way you will feel after reading it. God surely was with this author as he wrote each and every word. AMAZING WRITE. WOW..

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About The Author...

Jason's Website http://divinetowels.blogspot.com


Beau Jason McGlynn, who goes by Jason, is from Atlantic City, New jersey. He was born with severe cerebral palsy, but because of his mother's positive attitude and great love for him, he not only survived beyond the doctor's bleak prediction for a short life, but he has excelled! A person of great inner strengh and fortitude, he has earned a bachelor’s degree and an MBA from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. Today, he is an editor and analyst for the Federal Aviation Administration.

Jason worked on, “Divine Towels,” his first work, for 12 years. It’s a Christian fiction story, but in part, it's also an autobiography. The title comes from a message he heard from God: “My son, I would like you to be a towel boy.” He didn’t know what that meant, so he prayed for guidance and had a vision of opening a nonprofit store called “Divine Towels.” People would come there for help, and he would wash their feet, as Jesus did for his disciples before the Last Supper.

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Book Genre: Christian Fiction / Christian living Novel

Paperback: 278 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (May 2, 2012)

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