Dying To Meet Jesus Book Review

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Dying To Meet Jesus Book Review

About The Book

Business CEO, author, speaker and Christian leader, Randy Kay speaks boldly about his Near Death Experience that transformed his life from a staunch agnostic to committed Christian who has dedicated his life to serving God.  

He’s bold in Christ, but also in life because as he put it, he believed that once Dying To Meet Jesus was published, it could cause others to judge him unfavorably. The book’s subject of dying, going to heaven and seeing Jesus can cause harsh judgement about one’s reality, but Randy followed God’s guidance.  

However, the book isn’t only about his NDE, but also the difficulties Randy suffered and overcame in life through his transformation. My husband Jim and I talked often about Randy’s book.  See below for his impression.  For my review, go to Dying To Meet Jesus Book Review.   -Margaret Lukasik

Video Introduction

Dying To Meet Jesus Book Review

Looking To Jesus For Recovery, Renewal and Healing

Having a Near Death Experience and going to heaven isn’t something that happens to most people. Although, I’ve never had such an encounter, I did have a fear of death years ago, even as a Christian.  It caused many problems that took years to overcome. Thankfully, I’m fine now, but when I learned about Dying To Meet Jesus, I wondered if the author’s experience could be helpful for people who have the same fear that I had. 

Randy Kay admits that he had been a staunch agnostic, yet his life was completely transformed by Jesus after meeting Him and experiencing His peace which the Bible says goes beyond human understanding. He held onto this peace and the personal message Jesus had given him after he returned to life by spending daily time with Him in prayer and in the Word. He uses his story to teach fellow Christians how to effectively deny self and depend completely upon Jesus so that they can receive restoration and healing. 

My conclusion about the author’s story is that I wish I had read a book like this when I needed help years ago. I believe the book will help believers better understand God’s love and prove that by centering upon Jesus in life, we secure an eternity of being in His presence.  – Jim Lukasik

Dying To Meet Jesus Book Review

Learn more about Randy on his information page.  I’ve gathered together the many videos about his book, and the online stores where his book can be purchased. 

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