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Echoes From Your Past


Dianne MacNair encourages her readers to know that they have value, potential and purpose. She explains in her inspirational book that a set-back is really a set-up for a comeback.  

Echoes From Your Past: Vision For Your Future is filled with positive messages that bring healing to heart and encouragement to turn life’s every day problems into positive situations. “Know this,” she says, “A failed try does not mean YOU are a failure. That failed try was just another important lesson learned.”  

Highlights Of The Book...

Diane McNair admonishes that when you fall or make wrong choices on your Journey, it’s not “The End” it’s just the end result of your fall or wrong choice. It’s the Lesson, the growth from that Lesson, and your re-entry onto the Freeway of Your Life that matters. ” Dianne makes clear that these lessons are training, and the time in that valley you fall into is actually the training ground and learning curve for your next level/next place/next season in your life.”  

Echoes From Your Past 


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