Everything You Never Wanted To Know about Erectile Dysfunction and Penile Implants

End Your Silence, Sadness, Suffering, and Shame

By Rick Redner MSW & Brenda Redner RN

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Category: Men's Health

This part self-help, memoir and specialized health guide was written to help men and couples get help to recognize and overcome the roadblocks to seeking help with Erectile dysfunction (ED).  The authors share their four-year journey with ED, and the intimate details about their experiences with penile implant surgery. 

They call  (ED) a thief that steals physical and emotional intimacy while it robs men of their manhood and self-esteem. While it has the potential to destroy lives, and relationships, Rick and Brenda Redner guide men and other couples through the depression, grief and relational conflicts when coping with ED.

This is the only faith-based book available that addresses both ED & penile implant surgery.  It   provides men and couples with the information about a little known surgical procedure called penile implant surgery  that cures ED when all other treatments fail. 

Everything You Never Wanted To Know about Erectile Dysfunction and Penile Implants  has won first place in the category of men's health in the 5th annual Beverly Hills International Book Awards (see below.) 

Highlights Of The Book

Is There A Cure?

Get information about a little known surgical procedure that cures ED where others fail.

A Healthy Self-Image

Discover healthy ways to speak to yourself about this disease for good emotional health. 

Important Health Warning!

Learn how ED is an early warning signal of current or future cardiovascular problems.

Book Information

Date Published:  06/27/16

Publisher:  LuLu Publishing Services

Pages: 158


Book Review By Margarert Lukasik

Award-winning authors, Rick and Brenda Redner, have written a new book that I believe should be at the top of every man’s resource list who is facing or suffering from the cause and effects of erectile dysfunction (ED).   The book, titled “Everything You Never Wanted To Know about Erectile Dysfunction and Penile Implants,” discusses the couples experiences with ED and the surgical procedure called penile implant surgery that provides a cure for ED. Their journey with ED began after Rick was diagnosed with prostate cancer and it continued for four years.  What they share about their experience with ED can be life-changing and for some, life-saving! 

Together, Rick and Brenda have taken control over ED rather than allowing it to define Rick’s manhood or their marriage. Their honest and sincere approach for helping others heal physically and psychologically, offers a positive and hopeful perspective for men with ED about life without a prostate and the possibility of penile implant surgery. I have much admiration and respect for this amazing couple for bravely taking on a battle they could have easily walked away from by breaking their marriage commitment. Instead, they used their problems with ED to triumph and experience an even greater marriage than before Rick’s diagnoses of prostate cancer. They attribute much of their healing and growth to their faith in God which adds a strong, spiritual dimension to their book, making it the only faith-based book available that addresses ED and penile implant surgery.

I find it important that the information and resources the authors share in “Everything You Never Wanted To Know about Erectile Dysfunction and Penile Implants,” are a part of their personal success story.  Proving their message with their lives establishes the kind of credibility in which the reader can build trust to find and receive the help they need with the least resistance. I highly recommend this unique guide to every man suffering from ED and their partner.  The book is very well-written and easy to follow.   

I also recommend reading their first book, "I Left My Prostate in San Francisco—Where's Yours?: Coping with the Emotional, Relational, Sexual, and Spiritual Aspects of Prostate Cancer" first.   See my information and review below.  

The Authors' First Book

I Left My Prostate in San Francisco—Where's Yours? : Coping with the Emotional, Relational, Sexual, and Spiritual Aspects of Prostate Cancer

Rick and Brenda’s lives were changed forever when Rick went to the doctor to get a prescription refill. The doctor unexpectedly decided to perform a prostate exam. When he did, he felt a suspicious lump. Weeks later, a biopsy confirmed that Rick had prostate cancer. As a couple, they found their lives changed in unexpected ways following robotic surgery. They decided to share an intimate glimpse into their lives after surgery so other couples would be more prepared than they were.

If you are thinking about surgery, or if you just had surgery, you will want to read about their experiences and the life lessons they learned along the way in their award-winning book.  Purchase from Amazon.com.   The awards include:  Indie Excellence Award, Christian Living Gold Medal Reader's Favorite, and the Beverly Hills Book Awards.

Available in  hardcover, paperback and Kindle.

Book Information

Date Published:  01/22/13

Publisher:  WestBowPress

Pages:  272

Book Review By Margarert Lukasik

If you're facing prostate surgery or you're in the recovery stages, you've got Rick and Brenda Redner on your team to help you through each phase of the process. Their first book, "I Left My Prostate in San Francisco—Where's Yours?: Coping with the Emotional, Relational, Sexual, and Spiritual Aspects of Prostate Cancer" shares every aspect of the couple's difficulties that began after Rick was diagnosed with prostate cancer.   They've also written a second book, “Everything You Never Wanted To Know about Erectile Dysfunction and Penile Implants,” which I highly recommend reading after this first book.   Both books have won awards and have led to the couple helping tens of thousands of men and their partners cope with prostate cancer and the problems that follow surgery.  

Their work experience proves that no one is immune to the emotional and relational issues that surface after prostate surgery brought on mainly by urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction (ED).   Brenda is an RN and Rick has experience as a medical and psychiatric social worker, but without much information available, Brenda found herself pushed away by Rick as he sunk deeper into depression based mainly upon the severe changes he underwent that challenged his self-image and manhood. However, because of their deep commitment to each other, they found the path to marital recovery, which they claim was slow and still ongoing.    

Rick had to face prostate surgery head-on without most of the information he shares in the book. Thus, his purpose for sharing such intimate details about the couples’ emotional and sexual struggles as well as his personal difficulties.   The technical details about Rick's personal hardships before and after surgery are many.   He shares invaluable information concerning surgery, choosing the right doctor, insurance sources and much more.   Everything is covered medically, financially, psychologically, sexually and spiritually.  

I found the introspective questions and comments listed at the end of most chapters a great addition to the book. There are also helpful comments and guidance that can help make the journey of healing from prostate surgery easier and more pleasant, especially concerning the problems of losing bladder control and experiencing ED as I've mentioned.   Where there is education about the unknown, fear subsides and I believe that Rick and Brenda have given their all to insure that men have the courage to seek medical help if they suspect they might have prostate cancer.  

I enjoyed the continuous thread of faith woven throughout the chapters that tell the story of the couples’ love and commitment to God and to each other for better or for worse. No matter what difficulties they faced, both Rick and Brenda kept God at the center of their lives. They talk about the benefits of prayer and drawing nearer to God for comfort and guidance, the importance of specific scripture that helped them through difficult times and their church family which gave them much encouragement. These discussions were blended effortlessly throughout the book in a way that didn't preach, but instead enhanced Rick and Brenda's story.   

"I Left My Prostate in San Francisco—Where's Yours?..." is intelligently written and easy to read. While it shares empowering information about prostate surgery and healing, Rick's writing style brings humor to his personal story and a prevailing determination to work with the surgery choice he made to achieve a positive outcome. More important, it's clear that his greatest motivation is to help other men and their partners facing the same situation that he and Brenda already lived through, achieve good health and mental well-being to properly heal. 


About The

Rick and Brenda Redner

Rick Redner received his Masters degree in social work from Michigan State University. He has experience working as a medical and psychiatric social worker. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer at age fifty-seven. Since his diagnosis Rick has used the internet and social media to support tens of thousands of men and couples coping with prostate cancer and quality of life issues men and couples experience after prostate surgery.

Brenda Redner received her RN/BSN at Michigan State University. She has experience in oncology, home health nursing, psychiatric nursing, and teaching. She’s home schooled each of their four children. She offers a partner’s perspective on coping with cancer and living with a partner suffering from the quality of life issues men face when their prostate is removed. In addition, she offers her perspective on coping with erectile dysfunction and penile implant surgery.  

Rick & Brenda's first book, I Left My Prostate in San Francisco-Where’s Yours?, has won multiple awards.  Please see information about the book above this section.   

Visit their website, Where Is Your Prostate for more information and to learn about their speaking engagements.




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