Establish Me:

Principles for Moving from Zero to Hero

By James C. Nyemah

About "Establish Me" 

ESTABLISH ME is a book that teaches how to navigate the narrow passages of life and it gets you to that special place you want to be in life. Learn how to handle the hindrances to success, discover the power of service, and activate your natural and spiritual gifts. You are pregnant with a vision that cannot be compromised; a vision that is powered by passion to fill in for any inadequacies.

As you work on your vision, something powerful happens that elates you to do even greater works; it brings out creativity and innovation, thus giving your life new meaning and direction. This book teaches you how to put your trust in God, believe in yourself, and beat the challenges of life.

Benefits Of Establish Me

Gives Family Preparation

It prepares you to take care of your family, children and a spouse.

Presents Exciting News!

Get ready for a thrilling ride, prepare for challenges and be empowered!

Life Benefits

Learn how to make the most out of every opportunity to guarantee a better tomorrow.

Become Successful

Learn how to overcome the hindrances to your success and activate your natural and spiritual gifts. 

Video Review and Commentary

Book Information

                  Publish Date:   November 7, 2016

                  Pages:  188


Bookstores:  Amazon, Barnes and Noble 

Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

I'm excited to share my review of the new Christian book, Establish Me - Principles For Moving From Zero to Hero by Reverend James C. Nyemah. It's a rare jewel of Christian wisdom and truth that teaches Christians step by step how to live a Godly life while learning the principles for living their most fulfilled lives in Christ.

Of all the many books I've read concerning life purpose, I found Establish Me the most comprehensive and easy to follow on the subject. It shows how to live successfully in the day to day activities of life as well as fulfilling the great purpose we've each been given. The message goes deep into the intricacies of living God's will and discovering and developing our unique talents and abilities with the outcome of establishing a great life.  I like that it's made clear throughout the book that true greatness reflects our serving God to glorify Him rather than to promote ourselves.

Reverend Nyemah doesn't think small and he doesn't water down his message to be a people pleaser! With wisdom and grace, he leads the reader to a place of God's best and favor, teaching that we don't receive our blessings because of our actions or good deeds, but because of the intent of our hearts toward God. Then he shows Christians how to take a positive direction in the areas of service, leadership, personal growth and life purpose.  

Many people sit back and let life happen to them, complaining about their difficulties rather than taking charge over them. Establish Me brings hope and opportunity to see beyond the problems of life and to take control over them!  It's as if the author takes the reader by the hand and humbly leads them out of complacency in a partnership with God to develop their gifts and talents.  His writing is so compelling that midway through the book, I felt a deeper conviction to ensure that my life is in harmony with God's Word and His will for my life .  

Once you read Establish Me, you'll be sure that you were created for something great and that you can achieve it in Christ Jesus! I highly recommend it to all Christians who desire to rise above the mediocre.


Born To Take Charge

You are not a "loser." You are not a "drop-out." You are not "good for nothing." You were BORN TO TAKE CHARGE.

There is a champion waiting inside you. You have a voice and a purpose to fulfill. You were born to be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, subdue, and have dominion. You control land, water, air, and everything in it. Yet somewhere along the way you blundered, and now life does not resemble what it ought to be.  Go to to learn more.

Where Is God?

The author's first book, Where Is God? answers many common questions Christians have about God and about life such as "Does God Pick-and-Choose?" Find out the answers to questions you have about God!"  

It seems as if no one has security in health, wealth, and human relations because of the things that happen today. There are some things that can make one doubt the very existence of God much less talk about his love and care.  Sometimes it appears that God does ‘pick-and-choose’. He blesses some people but let the others die in their suffering. Why? Join the discussion. Where is God?  Go to to learn more.

About The Author 

Website:  James Nyemah  

Reverend James C. Nyemah

Reverend James Nyemah is the founder and Senior Pastor of Africa Faith Expressions, a church that touches the African community in Arizona. He is the first Liberian pastor to open a church in Phoenix, Arizona. He is also the first African immigrant to publish a book in Arizona - USA. Many call him Brother James or Pastor James; either way, he is the same guy. He is a community man.

Rev. James Nyemah and his wife, Lucy, live in Glendale, Arizona. Their daughter, Precious, is a freshman at the University of Arizona in Tucson. Watch out for his next book: “Born to Take Charge” a piece on purpose and leadership to live a fulfilled life. 

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