Fortis Momentum 

By Chris Downs 

Fortis Momentum Will Help You Develop Your Prayer Life, Grow Your Faith and
Become A Success In Your Relationship With God and Your Life!

Fortis Momentum

Book Genre: Christian / Religious / Christian Life / Christian Growth 

Fortis Momentum

By Chris Downs 

This is a book that will help you strengthen your relationship with God!  As the cover says, it's "A Spiritually Inspirational Self-Help Book of Prayers, Meditations, Thoughts, and Strategies for Christianity." As an easy-to-grasp guide it gives clear understanding that fits with your unique way of living.  It can help you grow closer to God, expand your insight into living, guide you in overcoming life's battles, and enable you to help others, as well. 

With thoughts, prayers, and lists of Biblical verses, this one-of-a-kind, uplifting resource is a rare tool you can use to grow your faith. Gathering many different topics that people often wonder about, from God's Word to daily experiences, this powerful, straightforward book will lead you to God's peace in your own individual way. Christians seeking to enrich the role of God in their lives will treasure this simply profound book.


Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

Fortis Momentum

By Chris Downs


Fortis Momentum by Chris Downs empowers its readers to continuously grow in the Word and be blessed by the fullness of God's love.  The author has great understanding of the scriptures and a deep spiritual insight that fills each page with Godly wisdom and truth.  He writes in every day language that clearly states what the Bible is telling us to do in order to live a successful Christian life.  

Chris warns his readers that his book is unique in its presentation and I had to agree with him after the first few pages.  I found his writing and teaching style refreshing and illuminating!  He divides the book into sections for teaching how to pray about anything and everything.  Whether the reader has questions about small or large issues to pray about, Fortis Momentum covers them all!  Chris brings clarity to the scriptures he shares, leaving no doubt about what they mean or how to use them for specific prayer needs.

The book reads as a guide for living.  Each prayer is empowered by appropriate scripture, the author's teaching, and general wisdom or knowledge of conditions in the world that people can easily relate to for better understanding.  He doesn't just tell the reader to follow scripture and pray, he carefully teaches the importance of transformation and shares helpful meditations to reinforce the Word and grow in faith.  

Fortis Momentum also includes short assignments that help to reinforce some of the scriptures and make them come alive if one is having difficulty or to give more clarity about a specific life issue.  This is a book that you don't want to put down or be without!  You'll want to keep it close to where you spend time in prayer for quick reference.  It's well organized to easily find the prayer or information you need to help you strategize a means of successful daily living.

I highly recommend Fortis Momentum. It's a book to get for family and friends no matter what their knowledge of the scriptures. Chris Downs has a talent for understanding and teaching the Word that is rare! He has great spiritual depth and energy that pushes the reader to go beyond preconceived ideas or narrow thinking. This is one Christian book that gives answers to the myriad of questions Christians need answers to rather than leaving them perplexed with more unanswered questions. If you want a "well-rounded" book that gives wisdom to pray successfully about everything, look no farther than Fortis Momentum! 

Video Review By Margaret Lukasik

About The Author...

Knowledgeable Of God's Word 

Chris gives credit to Carol Downs, for teaching him the Word of God at the age of 3 and he is thankful to Stephen Downs for teaching him "how to teach."  These gifts are greatly reflected in his spiritually inspirational writing!  

His new book, Fortis Momentum, makes the Word come alive in the hearts and minds of it's readers as Chris shares how to pray successfully through Jesus Christ and develop strategies for successful Christian living.

Author Interview...


I believe that you'll find Chris Downs every bit as interesting a person and author as I have.  Everything about his book, including his cover has been well thought out and accomplished with a strong purpose that leads to the Kingdom of God!     


What or who inspired you to write Fortis Momentum?

Chris:  I’ve always written random things throughout my life, but most of them have been only, humorous ramblings to make others laugh. It was when my mother, who’s the one that brought me up with faith, and my father, who was a science and math professor that inspired me to put all of my ideas down in a book.

Your book title is unique.  What does it mean or what inspired you to come up with the name?

Chris:  The current book, titled “Fortis Momentum” means “Brave/Strong Movement” and is the definition of what it means to live as a Christian in today’s world. I don’t expect others to become the pushy “super-saved” type that like to shove religion and man made traditions down others’ throats; but what I do aspire for is a unification of the family of Christians, and the growth and healing of it’s members. 

Chris, what was your goal or theme for the book?

Chris:  Man made traditions and pointless arguments have divided people from even wanting to talk about Christianity, and this is a huge problem for being able to show our faith. Most people think we’re supposed to rush to speak our faith, when the Bible says to win over others with gentleness and kindness, while also being respectful of them and treating them as we would have them treat us. I’ve talked with many people about many very diverse subjects, and they always want to pick at my brain but a lot of times say, “That’s way past my brain,” so I wanted to make something that can be so simple and easy to understand, yet filled with scriptural references for the reader who seeks to delve deeper into God’s Word. 

How would you define your writing style?

Chris:  Many people have told me that they don’t know how to pray; don’t care to pray; or simply don’t see its purpose. For those who don’t know how to pray, would like to know how to pray, or would like to pray better and more efficiently…this book is filled with many highly customizable examples. I understand that very few people actually enjoy reading nowadays. I know that textbooks seem like homework, and I also know that they can be a strain on the eye. So I set out to create something truly original and not following any traditional format. Fortis Momentum is probably the most random yet consistent books you’ll ever find made by someone, because it spans across many different topics and goals, yet holds one supreme goal, which is: to make other’s lives better. 

Your cover is very creative and very eye-catching.  How did it's design come about?

Chris:  For the cover, I had the idea of the first-person-perspective (the view from the person holding the book), seeing their hand holding a compass. The area where they’re at is dark and chaotic, yet the needle of the compass points to the two crosses in the book’s title; where more peaceful and brightly lit colors are surrounding. There are two crosses for the very specific reason that above ours, is the cross which Jesus gave his life for our salvation, and the second being for the reader, who is called by God to pick up his (or her) cross daily. 

Do you have a mentor?

Chris:  When it comes to having a mentor, the list is actually just about anyone and everyone. I love having had many people (of which I still have many) that have taught and still teach me many great things, but even those who have bad things to say teach me things in that I learn what not to do. And I’ve also continually counseled myself throughout my life as I’m not perfect but am always trying to perfect myself as far as I am capable. 

Most authors experience challenges.  Did you experience any hardships or difficulties?

Chris:  The challenges were to make this book as easy to read, true to the point, and un-offending as possible…all in hopes that it will reach and positively affect all who hear or read its words. 

Are there any new books in your future?

Chris:  My current project is a daunting task of writing a historical fictional Christian novel, of which, I will not describe in any specific detail at this point. All I’ll say is that it will have many points of view, and one ultimate goal. 

How would you define your book theme?

Chris:  My book is the culmination and revisitation of what I was originally encouraged to produce. I had three subpar booklets which I very much disliked due to frequent typos, grammatical errors due to being rushed, and an overall lack of getting the true message across. Even though many people have told me that they were very useful, Fortis Momentum is what I’d originally intended. And this book goes far beyond the first three (which, for obvious reasons, I took off the market). 

Chris how can readers and other authors reach you?

My website is My Amazon Author Page is

Margaret Lukasik:

Thank you Chris for taking the time to share this part of your life with us!  This was an amazing journey into your purpose for writing Fortis Momentum and getting a better understanding of your creative mind and the genuine spirit you have toward the true Gospel of Jesus Christ!  It was truly delightful learning more about you. 

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Series: Spiritually Inspirational Self-Help Books for Christianity

Paperback: 458 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (June 11, 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1466414081

ISBN-13: 978-1466414082

Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 1 inches


Fortis Momentum: A Spiritually Inspirational Self-Help Book of Prayers, Meditations, Thoughts, and Strategies for Christianity (Spiritually Inspirational Self-Help Books for Christianity) 

Book Genre:  Christian Growth / Christian Life / Christian Self-Help

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