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Free Personal Enjoyment eBooks

Free Life Purpose Personal Enjoyment eBooks For The Holidays! 

                                   Free Personal Enjoyment eBooks                                                               

Margaret Lukasik
Margaret Lukasik

About The Free Personal Enjoyment eBooks Listed On This Page For The Holidays or Other Seasons Of Time!     

Enjoyment of life is part of living our life purpose.  As Christians, we don't center upon self-fulfillment, but God meant for each of us to enjoy life.  Many Christian walk around looking sad, angry or downright unfriendly.  This is a bad testimony to the world by not letting God's love and blessings shine through us.


Sharing Our Enjoyment Of Life

God desires for His children to be joyous and to share that joy with others. There are many ways to express and share our joy. During the holidays we can be a source of peace to others by helping others, sharing your time, praying for the holidays to be a blessing, and taking a stand against family disputes in a peaceful way that can rise up when everyone gets stressed from running around being busier than usual.

We can also share our cooking and special gifts with family, friends and acquaintances. This leads me to the introduction of the free personal enjoyment ebooks I've listed on this page that can help you enjoy the holidays with perhaps some new ideas.

I've also included a book that will help you avoid getting scammed on the Internet. There's also a book to help you begin a budget for the New Year just in case you spent a little too much on presents this year and a book about keeping your children safe all year round--but especially during the holidays when people get busy.

Download only what you want, or take them all for future reference. Unless otherwise stated, the books are written by authors who have sold me the rights to share their books with my visitors as if they were my own. However, I can't take credit for writing the books, but I do have a copyright on each, meaning that they cannot be used as downloads for other sites, only mine or those who have also purchased the same rights.

You can however, download each of the free personal enjoyment ebooks for your personal use. Just fill in my subscription form below and it will take you to the download page after you confirm your subscription in an email. Please enjoy!

-Margaret Lukasik


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To receive the downloads, use the following form. You'll quickly receive them in an email with other free ebooks, over 40 in total. Use the links at the bottom of the page to see the other ebooks you'll be receiving. All books come in PDF format. You can easily cancel at any time or contact me.


Featured Book For Holiday Cooking

Cooking Like A Chef

Cooking Like A Chef Cooking Tips 

Tips and Techniques For Cooking Like A Chef

Prepare for the holidays by learning great tips and techniques for cooking holiday family dinners or casual food for parties.

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Enjoy My Free Personal Enjoyment Books For The Holidays

Books For The Holidays


Chocolate Recipes

Chocolate Baking


Make Your Own Perfume

Make Perfume


American Christmas

USA Christmas




General Holiday


Family Budget

Family Budget


Internet Scam Busters

Scam Busters


Holiday Candy Recipes

Holiday Candies


Holiday Cooking

Holiday Dinners

General Living


Protect Your Children

Protect Your Kids

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