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The Christian growth book, GOD’S WILL FOR OUR DAILY LIVES is an exposition of Christ’s sermon, which affirms His teaching as God’s will for His subjects’ daily lives.  

Not only does it clearly define Christ’s commands, and concisely explain every aspect of His teaching, including our spiritual development, duty, righteousness, holiness, and justification, it also affirms Christ as our complete salvation and the supreme authority. Simply put, it is the must-have book for everyone who has a genuine desire to know and understand God’s will for their daily life.  


God’s Will For Our Lives – The Teaching of JESUS CHRIST by William Luke.

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The three most prevalent teachings within Christendom concerning God’s will for His subjects’ daily lives are: 

[1] keep the ten commandments, at least in principle, 

[2] live by principles derived from the New Testament, and 

[3] listen to your heart for divine inspiration. 

     All three are fatally flawed in that they conflict with pivotal portions of the Bible. These teachings attest to the fact that God’s will for His subjects’ daily lives is one of the most misunderstood issues within Christendom. Yet the Bible clearly states that God now commands us to believe on the name of His Son, Jesus Christ, and love one another as Christ gave us commandment. Indeed, Christ challenges those who merely call Him Lord, and insists that it will not be they who enter God’s kingdom, but rather those who actually do God’s will i.e. believe in Christ, and love one another as He gave us commandment. 

     Paying lip service to Christ is not God’s will; trusting and obeying Christ is. Matt 7:21; Lk 6:46; 1 Jn 3:23.  GOD’S WILL FOR OUR DAILY LIVES presents Christ’s entire sermon, elaborated and expounded with the relevant verses from the rest of the Bible, and in so doing shows His sermon to be perfect, in that it is consistent with the entire Bible. It also attests to the fact that, despite it being one of the most misunderstood issues within Christendom, you absolutely can know and understand God’s will for your daily life. It thoroughly explains: 


  • Our spiritual development, from implantation to maturity. 
  • Our sacred duty in regard to proclaiming, bearing, teaching, holding, and -maintaining, God’s will. 
  • Our daily righteousness concerning Moses’ law, works of faith, and Christ’s law. 
  • Our daily holiness towards God, the world, and people. 
  • Our daily justification in relation to man’s teaching, Christ’s teaching, and the devil’s teaching. 


     It affirms Christ as: Our complete salvation, from redemption to standing. The supreme authority, concerning every aspect of the faith. Whether you are a biblical leader, a Bible believer, or a person yet in search of the Truth, GOD’S WILL FOR OUR DAILY LIVES will once and for all resolve any error, delusion, or curiosity, that you may have concerning God’s will for your daily life. 


5 Star Review On Amazon.com

on August 9, 2014
Format: Paperback
At last a book that gets to the heart of the matter. Unlike other books I’ve read on the subject, this book doesn’t get sidetracked with issues such as WHERE we should live and work. Instead, it cuts right to what really matters, that is, HOW we should live and work, regardless of where.

This book has given me clarity about so many things, all the things that no one else seems to understand, including the issues of perfection, the law of Moses and law of Christ, works and grace, sin in the believer’s life, holiness and righteousness, mercy, love, and even assurance of salvation. I could list more. Now everything I read in the bible is clearer to me. It all fits together.

I’ve spent over twenty years in Church youth groups, and the like, endeavoring to bring younger people to the Lord, while at the same time asking my elders to satisfy my desire to understand God’s will for me in my personal walk with Christ. What a relief it is to finally understand WHAT kind of person God wants me to be, and that WHERE I am that person is incidental. Anyone who really wants to know God’s will for their daily life should read this book, and then concentrate on applying it, no matter where they are.

God’s Will For Our Daily Lives



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