Growing Up In The Bronx Review

Shocking, Fun and Adventurous!

God Verses The Bad Boy

I’ve got a unique book to introduce to the Christian community or anyone interested in the Bronx, especially within the Castle Hill Projects.  The book is titled, God Verses The Bad Boy by John Murray.  It’s  a series of well-written stories of a very young boy who hit the streets before he had even started school.

As a small boy he lacked the supervision needed at times to keep out of trouble or to prevent trouble from finding him.  One of eight children, he found himself alone many times when his mother was taken away periodically because of drinking.

His father was a hard working man who did his best to take care of his children, but the youngest ones, not yet in school, were free to dabble in street-side antics that entertained and passed the time away until older brothers, sisters or parents arrived home.

Growing Up In The Bronx and Finding God 

I followed the story like watching a television show, wondering what this crafty little boy would think of next, hoping he wouldn’t get into trouble and sometimes shocked at what he got away with.  But somehow, someway this young boy growing up in the Bronx found God and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

Probably his family’s belief in God was at the core of his surrender to Christ, but no matter what the reason, he is serving God today and is a great blessing to many, including those who are serving time in prison.  He uses scripture throughout the book to coincide with His stories which is a great enhancement.

I enjoyed reading the book because we all grow up differently and those of us who become Christians all have a unique story about who we were and how we came to Christ.  While I wouldn’t call God Verses The Bad Boy a Christian Testimony, it gives a unique look at a fellow Christian’s life that made him who he is today, which is a person who loves God, community and who still cares about the many friends he grew up with as a little boy from the Bronx.

I’ve just completed my review and it’s now on and a page about the book and the author.  Go to or Growing Up In The Bronx, God Verses The Bad Boy.   Check out the many other 5 star reviews on Amazon by some of the people who, like the author, grew up in the Bronx within the Castle Hill Projects.


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