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No Shame Only Power By Val Newton-Knowles

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No Shame Only Power

Learn The Truth About Who You Are In Christ and How To Live That Reality Today!


No Shame Only Power puts together the principles you need to walk successfully in life and in your relationship with God.

Author Valderine Newton-Knowles offers practical steps to help you walk in the power of God, showing that from the beginning, you were born to win.  She teaches how to use the Word of God to strengthen your spirit and accomplish that which seems impossible.

Learn to enjoy an empowered life for the rest of his or her life. If you’re not experiencing the life of your dreams this book will set you on the right course with an understanding of God’s Word that will help you develop a deeper relationship with Him.

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No Shame Only Power

No Shame Only Power is Val’s first book.  She Lives in the beautiful island of Nassau, in the Bahamas where she attends a small fellowship called Jesus Christ Centered Ministries International, pastored by here brother, Sheldon D. Newton. She has been married for 14 years and has one daughter, age 11.

Val has a masters in theology and is currently a pastor at Jesus Christ Centered Ministries International in Nassau, Bahamas ( JCCMI).

No Shame Only Power
Bahamas Phone No.: (242) 457-1943

Information About The Book...

No Shame Only Power Release Date:  April 9, 2013

Author:  Val Newton Knowles

Publisher:  Tate Publishers

Pages:  160 

Genre:  Christian Growth 

$12.99 (paperback)

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