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Fearless A Journey To Financial Peace

Fearless A Journey To Financial Peace Is A True Story About How The Author Overcame A Difficult Financial Past.

This Is An Amazing Success Story For Anyone With Inner Turmoil About Money!

Fearless A Journey To Financial Peace

Summary For Fearless A Journey to Financial Peace By M. M. Elliot

This is a story I believe can be helpful to many people because money has a strong affect upon all of our lives. N. M. Elliot was no exception due to the anxiety over money put upon her as a young child and other devastating issues that related to money such as finding her brother dead from a financially motivated suicide.

This gripping story shows the author's journey from her haunting financial past to financial hope. As she states, "I harbored my own financial distress and secrets just like my brother. I knew that I needed to tell my husband about our own descending financial situation. 'The dread' was back with its baneful eyes piercing my soul. I was utterly lost and I needed to find a way out."

This is a success story of one woman's courage to take responsibility for change no matter how difficult. She was determined to take the road to success rather than self-pity and failure!

Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

Fearless - A Journey to Financial Peace

By Nan M. Elliot

Fearless A Journey to Financial Peace by Nan M. Elliot is a unique book about the author's reality concerning money based upon her childhood and the financial difficulties that plagued her as an adult. After the suicide of her brother, based upon his financial difficulties and secrets, the author realized the need to "come straight" with her husband about their own declining finances and secrets. While it caused dissension between them for a time, she knew that truth was the beginning step for financial growth.

The book is not a personal story written to help the author come to grips with her life and financial difficulties. She's already found her success by using her past and the present for healing. She takes the reader back in time to where her ideas about money were formed from good and bad influences, right and wrong wrong attitudes. She also gives a glimpse into the wisdom of past generations who used positive money attitudes to prosper their lives financially, intellectually and most important, spiritually. Then she shares what she did to achieve her financial goals as a responsible adult. Hope springs forth throughout the book that anyone can turn debt into financial growth and freedom, using the effort it takes to experience greater prosperity, satisfaction and fulfillment.

Fearless A Journey To Financial Peace will not disappoint you! Nan captures her childhood with beauty and grace. Each sentence flows into the next, blending the good with the bad for greater insight concerning her financial life choices. I found the author's story captivating. We all have issues about money but not everyone takes the time to make the intellectual and inner changes necessary to achieve financial control. Nan not only shares how she turned her situation into a success story, she has the reader take action for their own financial freedom. She gives a series of easy exercises that will bring the reader to the same place of financial success she has achieved by overcoming financial misconceptions and learning how to move forward with God's wisdom. She also suggests the use of outside sources of assistance, such as the one she used, that will force accountability for change.

What I liked best about the book was the authors emphasis of trusting in God for help and becoming a good financial steward. I have tremendous respect for her development which includes creating a successful home business and teaching high school students and adults how to achieve financial freedom. Fearless A Journey To Financial Peace is not only about the author's journey, but your path to a practical means of becoming financially free for life. I highly recommend this beautifully written book to anyone who has even the slightest money difficulties. It will change your life!

About The Author...

Author Biography

N.M. Elliot, born in the Midwest, holds an English degree from the University of Kansas. After learning how to become financially free, she has taught both adults and high school students the benefits of financial freedom and peace. 

She champions the cause of the financially hopeless, sending the message that God can renew anyone.

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How To Have Financial Freedom

Be Ye Transformed

Author Biography

Pages: 108

Book Genre: Christian Finance

Date Published: June 13, 2013

Publisher: Westbow Press


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