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How To Live Your Life Purpose God's Way

How To Live Your Life Purpose Home Study.

Life Purpose Home Study

Matthew 15:23-35.

Just as God takes care of the birds and the trees and the flowers of the field, He will take care of you as you give Him first place in your life. 


Learn How To Live Your Life Purpose Introduction

Many Christians wonder why life is so difficult from day to day.  For some it seems as if there's no break in the problems that plaque their lives, but this doesn't have to be their reality or yours.  You have a new reality in Christ Jesus that surpasses every bad thing that was ever said about you and every mistake and failure you've experienced.

God created you to succeed because He cannot create anything that is imperfect or inferior.  He has a plan for you that will bring about all of His greatest blessings in your life as you look to Him for your life goals, plans, purposes and pursuits.  It's your choice to live God's plan so you have to invite Him into your life for guidance, assistance, special ability and companionship--just as you did when you made Jesus Christ your Lord and savior. 

With God we never need to be lonely.  He is with us always! But He must respect that He has given us a free will.  So it's always our choice to take action with God as we move from one step of growth to another.  

There's never been a better time than today for you to learn how to live your life purpose and begin with God today. 

- How To Live Your Life Purpose Study Preparation -

There is much information on the subject of how to live your life purpose, but the last word you want to follow is God's if you're a Christian. So when reading books or articles on the subject that are not written by Christian authors or authors that are not using God's Word as their foundation, make sure to compare what they say with scripture before you make the choice to follow their teachings.

If you haven't already, you can get my Life Purpose Guide PDF that will give you helpful information on the subject.  Use the form at upper right to sign up and get the PDF.  You can unsubscribe later if you wish.

How To Live Your Life Purpose Instructions
:  Click on each link below. You'll be taken to the corresponding lesson.  Not All lessons are completed. I am currently working on Step No. 5.

- How To Live Your Life Purpose Study Steps -


Step No. 1:  Make Sure You Are Saved.  If you doubt that you're saved, be sure NOW!   

Go To:  Salvation

Understand God's Will

Step No. 2:  Understanding God's Will.  What is God's will and how do you live it?

Go To: Understanding God's Will

Seeking God's Heart

Step No. 3:  Seeking God's Heart and Mind.  Committing To God Daily. 

Go To: Seeking God's Heart 

Walk With Jesus

Step No. 4:  Take The First Step With Jesus.  Keep Your Salvation Commitment.

Go To: Commit To God's Will

Holy Spirit

Step No. 5: Holy Spirit Lab For Revelation.  Spend time alone with God in prayer.  

Go To:  Soon To Be Released

Move Forward With God

Step No. 6: Continuing With God.  Develop and live your calling by obeying God's lead. 

Go To:  Soon To Be Released

How To Live Your Life Purpose Studies By Margaret Lukasik

Victorious Christian Living...

Without knowing who you are in Christ you will never be able to live your life purpose God's way. 

Establish yourself in Christ by learning how to identify with Him. When you do, you'll discover the secret key of the cross that will empower you to rest in Christ while you accomplish God's best through your life purpose.

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Faith & Prayer Dynamics...

Learn the different forms of prayer, when and how to use them, and how to grow in your life purpose for God.

Learn how to develop great faith for answered prayer, how to pray for others and how to tap into God's power by using specific prayer principles that will turn the problems of life into positive situations. 

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