Internet Presence Tips For Getting
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Internet Presence Tips


1.  Create a blog on your website or post regularly on your blog using a SEO Plug-in that will help you create your pages to be Search Engine friendly. If you don’t have a blog on your website, create website pages regularly in order to increase your presence on the Internet.  Keep your articles fresh and original.  Search engines will drop any articles copied from an original article they have already indexed.

2.  If your web host doesn’t already have the function, you need to maintain an outside source of name collecting through a subscriber list.  Mail a newsletter to your list once a month at least to keep in touch with interesting information about the theme of your site or books.  Your list must be attracted by a specific theme or you will lose most of your subscribers over time.  Subscribers are looking for an expert on a specific subject.

Create special offers to your subscriber list regarding your books or tools that you find helpful and that will be valuable to your subscribers.  Joining an affiliate program for this such as, will be helpful.   Send with your regular newsletter or “mass mailings” besides your newsletter.

I suggest: or  Both work great ( I have used them both).   They are both considered the best with Aweber slightly ahead and they both have great customer service.   I currently use my free subscriber mailings with my hosting account and Get Response.

Special Tip:  When you write a book, offer a promotion of your book to your subscribers with bonuses.  This will help you sell more books and keep your subscribers involved in what you’re doing.  This has worked well for me.

3. Join forums that are relevant to your site or book theme.  These can be helpful.  Post comments and share links to your site or book for other members of the forum to visit your information.   Posting on forums is a good way to build your reputation, get backlinks to your site and you can also get traffic to your sales pages.   Just be cautious of spending too much time and getting distracted.  Your response will depend upon the readership of the forum, your profile and reputation, how frequently you post and the quality of your posts. It is a good way to get noticed when you’re new.

4.  Article Marketing:  Write articles for some of the article farms. is a good source. So is  Keep your articles fresh and original.

5.  Webrings help to promote your site and your products.  A good source is  You will find many subjects including Christian themes.

6.  Blogging and Blog Commenting on the sites of others can be very helpful for getting back-links.  It will be helpful to make relevant posts and relevant comments to posts already submitted by other authors.  Writing good and one-of-a-kind articles (use only once) will help you to quickly become a part of the community.

Special Tip: Just type your article title and domain name into Google and you will soon see whether or not your article has been indexed.

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