It's The Real Thing
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Daily Devotional, it's the real thing, By Pastor Chris Brown 

The devotional is a study of the apostle John's first letter that covers 15 days.

It's the Real Thing

About It's The Real Thing Daily Devotional

"it's the real thing" is a daily devotional study of the apostle John’s first letter that presents to the reader five tests of genuine conversion.  Each day a portion of John's epistle is presented for READING followed by an outline for understanding the content and context of what was read.

America is a country with tens of millions of professing Christians. Yet the spiritual and social impact of that many believers is not readily felt or seen?

Could the problem be that of the forty million plus that profess Christ, a great many are not genuinely born again?

The devotional emphasizes where apostle John clearly and unashamedly addresses this very issue as it presented itself in his day. This study guide will reveal what the last living apostle of Jesus Christ considered to be true and false Christianity.

Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

It's The Real Thing Daily Devotional

By Pastor Chris Brown

I love daily devotionals and it's the real thing daily devotional by Chris Brown is one of the best I've read. It's based upon the apostle John's first letter with the purpose of helping Christians understand what it really means to be born again. I loved the challenge of reading each lesson because no matter where we are in our walk with Christ, we can always strengthen our commitment. This short daily study opened my eyes to many important Biblical truths we all need to emphasize in our commitment to God.

The devotion is easy to use and understand. It can be completed in as little as 15 days, however, the author states that if more time is needed one should go slower in order to get the impact or complete message of each lesson. I agree. There are 5 tests of genuine conversion for the reader to consider, which I found comforting rather than threatening. Christians lack leadership today and this devotion gives much Christian direction in so few words! The 5 tests are:

  • 1. The Relationship Test (Day 1)
  • 2. The Companionship Test (Days 2-4)
  • 3. The Kinship Test (Days 5-7)
  • 4. The Lordship Test (Days 8-12)
  • 5. The Stewardship Test (Days 13-15)

John's Epistle speaks much about God's love for us and our having faith in that love. I've read Christian information so void of God's love that I felt as if I had been dropped into a dark pit, but it's the real thing emphasizes God's love for us in a way that makes the life of a true-believer desirable and attainable. It leaves a lasting effect upon one's heart for developing a deeper relationship with God and living His will over our own.

One of the most beautiful comments by the author was about the importance to see Lordship as more than just a confession. He states that true Lordship is where God is the leader and we're the followers. This one statement challenged me to examine my current commitment to God in order to learn what areas of my life I need to turn over to Him.

One of the reasons this devotional is able to reach the hearts of it's readers is the way Chris Brown presents the lessons. First he gives the daily scripture. Then he explains in outline form the meaning of each with other corresponding scripture to shed light upon what John has said. He then gives the reader a place to write down their thoughts, conclusions and decisions which I found very helpful. I highly recommend it's the real thing by Pastor Chris Brown to all Christians interested in developing a life completely committed to God through Jesus Christ.

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It's The Real Thing

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