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Life Purpose Book Links and Category Index

My Life Purpose Book Links separate the books listed on my site by genre. My site theme is limited to life purpose and spiritual growth so you won't find a wide variety of genres, but instead, many subjects within personal and spiritual growth.  

The subjects dealing with spiritual growth are either with a Christian influence or they offer general information for self-improvement.  Because there are many problems that can keep a person from living their life purpose I want to offer subjects that will give a well-rounded growth for personal, physical and spiritual enhancement.  

It's not difficult to live the dreams God put within our hearts and special purpose we've all been given, however, the difficulties of life and a lack of spiritual growth can hinder one's ability to fulfill their best life.

This is why you will find a plethora of book subjects and titles on this site to help you overcome whatever problems are keeping you from enjoying your life and having great success. Some of the life purpose book links lead to free books while others have a nominal cost. I've also added a bookstore that offers over 12,000 books in Kindle, hardback and paperback. However, you'll have to go to the Category Section to easily find the books that are within the life purpose and spiritual growth genres.

I am in the process of uploading the books I have available.  Click on the links below for those available now.  The books listed include books written by myself or other authors whose books fit within my theme. I will also be offering my books through Kindle shortly. For announcements of my books, either subscribe to my monthly newsletter or my RSS feed located at the bottom left of my site.

Although most of the Life Purpose Book Links for my books specifically are listed on this page, there are other books listed throughout this site.  Each link will lead to a description page.   

Life Purpose Featured Books & Their Links


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I'm excited to share my list of favorite Life purpose books that will inspire you, teach you, encourage you and entertain you!  Each book has positively affected my life in one way or another so I hope you will find them a positive influence in your life as well.    

Featured Books

The links for each book are at right under "Featured Links."

Featured Books

Life Purpose Book Links and Categories

I have included books that are general spiritual growth, that have a Christian influence as far as reflecting the Christian ethic and Christian books based totally upon specific scripture.  The last group of categories are novels that depict situations of life purpose discovery through adversity.  

We can peacefully learn while in a state of just resting our minds and concentrating on a great story that might offer new insights and wisdom.  Over time I will be adding to the life purpose book links below.    

Life Purpose Book Links for General Growth

Personal Growth

  • Peace Over Stress
  • Weight Loss

Success For Life

  • Innovative Thinking 
  • Business Brain

Financial Wisdom

  • Improve Your credit Score
  • Financial Package

Christian Life Purpose Book Links

Life Purpose Book Links For Inspiration

Life Purpose Writing

INNER GROWTH TIP:  Reading inspiring and entertaining stories is a great means of relaxing while you subtly learn.  

I learned years ago that I needed to have times of rest rather than learning every free moment I had available.  I'm interested in many subjects so I would go from one interest to another without taking time to have fun and rest. Reading is a fun way to rest and a great way to learn as I have mentioned.   

Life Purpose Inspiration

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