Life Purpose For Children Topics

Help All Children Feel Free To Discover and Develop Their Life Purpose.

The topic of life purpose is important for all adults, but parent’s teaching their children how to discover and develop God’s will in their lives is also an important discussion. They need guidance to become fulfilled and Godly adults.

Life Purpose For Children Topics

While prayer and study in the Word are important to share with your children, researching their favorite interests can be helpful to learn more about them and to share activities with them that they can enjoy according to their age. One on one trips with each child is a great way to learn more about them and talk privately.

The Bible Says...

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6.

Proverbs 22:6 is rightly interpreted as parents teaching their children to love God's ways by being respectful of themselves and others, but part of that training includes helping children to be responsible in life for what they do and how they can best become fulfilled through life purpose. This training will last a lifetime.

Life Purpose For Children Topics

Many Teenagers Are Confused About Their Future

Helping your teen learn how to pray and receive God’s guidance will help set their future in Christ. 

don't be judgemental:

Speak To Your Children and Teens According To Their Understanding

Prepare With Prayer

Pray over your children and teens. Ask God to reveal problems you don’t suspect or even realize they have. Talk with them for more understanding and go slowly at first if you sense they feel uncomfortable. Learn about their feelings and fears and approach them according to their age and understanding. Guide them with God’s Word in ways that aren’t preachy or you feel they may reject. 

  Direct them to areas of life that bring them enjoyment, that use their talents and their interests. Every person is different. We’re all created for a unique purpose. Therefore, it’s important to guide your children with good information about the areas of interest they have. At the same time teach them how to pray for God’s guidance and know how to understand what they hear. This will be a tremendous boost to their confidence, with a positive outlook about their future. 

However, the wrong approach can bring emotional harm to especially fragile relationships so, move cautiously if you already have a difficult relationship with your child. Remember, how you live your life is what your children notice the most so always be an example for what you teach or discuss.  And whatever parents do within the topic of life purpose, it should never take away from a child’s enjoyment or peace. It should fit into their lives as a natural progression of life, for their best life.


Many parents believe that it’s too late to help older children who have become cynical and unruly. However, God will restore whatever is lost to all believers and He will do the same for parents and their children when they put faith over their children with trust in God through prayer. 

It’s never too late with God. Parents with difficult children can hold a vision of Godly living and life purpose over them for transformation and greatness in Christ. Families and children lives have been restored by having faith in God by one or both parents taking dominion over their lives and their families. Being a single parent is difficult but He will help you succeed with your family just as He does with a two parent family.  Where only one of two parents believe in the Word, God will also bring healing. 

Life Purpose For Children Topics and Tips

Moderation Is A Must To Goal Attainment.

Life Purpose For Children Topics

Research effective ways to teach moderation to children concerning Online games, watching TV, texting or hanging out with friends.  To be well-rounded is vital to living one’s purpose.

Part Of Life Purpose Is Maintaining A Healthy Life

Life Purpose For Children Topics

Teach your children why it’s important to be healthy, to eat healthy and to get enough sleep.  Be the strong force that shares  importance of not cultivating an addictive lifestyle that will get in the way of life purpose. 

Share The Importance Of Strong Family Ties.

Life Purpose For Children Topics

Work with God to keep a strong family dynamic by precept and example with your spouse for cultivating mutual respect, compassion, cooperation and a loving attitudes. 

Life Purpose For Children Topics

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