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Follow My Life Purpose Lessons To Your Divine Destiny

 Life Purpose Lessons

We Should Never Stop Growing With God

This section of my website offers a growing list of lessons that will help you understand what God expects of you as you continue your walk with Him. You'll learn about goal setting for spiritual growth, having the right attitude for God to bless you and other such topics.

If you haven't begun to live God's will for you life, then you're in for a great adventure that will last the rest of your life if you choose to continue.  We all have a free will, so it's up to you to accomplish your life purpose by following Christ, living by the Word and obeying God's guidance.  It's a decision every Christian must make. 

Most Christian haven't been taught that it's God will for all His children to live the life of Christ by following Him.  We're all expected to follow Christ once we receive salvation. We make the commitment when we're save to make Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, but many Christians forget that part of salvation after awhile and move on to do their own thing.   I was nine years old when I was saved, but it took years for me to learn that we all have a special purpose. No one ever told me.  I learned on my own through my personal Bible studies.   

Proverbs 19:21

My plans are in a man's mind, but it is the Lord's purpose for him that will stand.


The past is gone, so I continue to move forward without looking back, but my desire is to make sure that Christians know God has a special place for them where they can excel, live abundantly for Christ and live a blessed and protected life. 

I want you to desire God's purpose for your life without holding back or fear that you'll lose your life.  Instead you'll find your true identity!


Living For Christ!

...Your best life is a life of Christ where you follow Him with all your heart, soul, body, mind and might!  -Margaret Lukasik

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Christian Author, Margaret Lukasik
 Margaret Lukasik

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