Margie and The Wild Dogs​ Meets The Bible Shredder

Margie and The Wild Dogs

Meet The Bible Shredder

By John Murray

John’s unique writing style will take you on an exciting journey through the Bible in a way that doesn’t change the Word, but shares it as a new experience. 

Fun! Adventure! Humor! Chilling Suspense!

Get Ready For An Exciting Christian Journey!

Margie and her best friends, the Wild Dogs, encounter familiar characters such as Charlie Brown and Ronald McDonald, and our Savior Jesus Christ himself. Experience with them the Tabernacle, the tomb of Jesus, and the Tower of Babel. Grab the popcorn! These teens will bring the animated entertainment to quench your thirst.

Available In Paperback and Kindle

Margie and The Wild Dogs​ Meets The Bible Shredder

Book and Author Information For Margie and The Wild Dogs Meet The Bible Shredder

Book Information

22, 2020

Published June

120 pages

Independently Published June 22, 2020



John Murray

John Murray was born on April 6th, 1957 to Michael and Mary Murray. He is the son of an A&P Supermarket clerk turned New York City Sanitation worker. As one of eight children who grew up in the Castle Hill section of the Bronx, he faced the challenges that come with normal inner city living. Despite these struggles, he managed to make it out alive with a plethora of interesting tales to tell!

With Dad breaking his back lifting garbage cans and Mom constantly in and out of mental institutions battling alcohol-related issues, “Johnny-Boy” was allowed to run the Bronx streets freely, wreaking havoc wherever he went. He can now look back and chuckle over these events from his past.


John shares these stories with the inmates at the 33rd Street Correction Facility in Orlando Florida. He has been volunteering there for over nine years, sharing his books and stories with the mostly young inmates. He believes the truth of God gives them hope for a brighter future. 

The books are reflections of his tumultuous time of life–adventurous, comical, and heart-wrenching works of Art. All his books have been inspired from time spent with his friends on the inside of those walls.

He hopes you enjoy the stories as much as the inmates do, and would love to hear your thoughts. He does not think of himself as a writer, but if others do he will gladly continue to reflect on his past within the pages of these books.

You can email the bad boy at: 

John has also written God Verses The Bad Boy and Part II, The Bad Boy Book.  See below to learn more. 

Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

Adventure, turmoil, excitement, falls and scrapes, characters from cartoons sharing scripture alongside men and women from the Bible. What? I suddenly found myself caught up within the antics of a band of teenage boys called the Wild Dogs and their precocious leader, Margie. Page by page I was totally immersed in author John Murray’s latest book, appropriately titled, Margie and The Wild Dogs Meet the Bible Shredder.  

The story began as just another day in their lives, a part of their free-spirited search for adventure and new experiences, but as I kept reading, one prevailing thought stuck in my mind: I wanted to know about the Bible Shredder! As the story unfolded and revealed its importance, I was deeply moved by it and the message that followed which sent Margie on the most important quest of her life.  But before I give away what should only be read in proper context of the story, I’ll get back to the group of playful, but independent teenagers looking forward to their next thrill of the day.

It was a Sunday, and their decided destination was a twenty-foot wall, called the Golden Wall that separated them from what may have been their greatest adventure yet. They believed the other side held secret kingdoms, and a bevy of exciting places invented by the minds of the town’s inhabitants. As the first one to reach the top of the wall with the boys help, Margie quickly realized her mistake and her dilemma. It held no promise of adventure, but a tragic scenario if the remaining Wild Dogs couldn’t safely get her back down to where they stood. But as her fingers gave out from the intense pain of working to prevent her fall, she dropped within the forbidden circular wall, miraculously safe and happy to be reunited with her friends once they found their way inside to help her.

This is where their true adventure began and continued until it led Margie to a special message given her by God that reveals a truth about her father he had no intention for her to know, including the poignant story behind the Bible shredder.  Armed with scripture and still in awe from being in the presence of such spiritual giants as Abraham and Isaac, and even the Son of God, Jesus Christ, she found her way home and into the arms of her loving parents. From there the reader is blessed with innumerable incidents of Biblical faith in action for salvation, healing, and renewed life.

John Murray is a talented author who is able to keep the integrity of God’s Word while presenting a fun and entertaining story. Yet, it causes the reader to pause and consider the measure in which they are living their salvation and commitment to God.

God Verses The Bad Boy

God Verses The Bad Boy

By John Murray

Entertaining and Life Inspiring!

Join Johnny-Boy as he looks back on his childhood as a “little bad boy from the Bronx”. As he recounts all his tales of trouble-making, he leaves behind a trail of Bible verses for you to follow. Part memoir, part devotional, God Verses the Bad Boy will have you munching on tidbits from this bad boy’s story along with a few crumbs of Scripture from God’s table.

God Verses The Bad Boy

The Bad Boy Book

By John Murray

The Bad Boy’s adventures continue with more wild runaways, conniving, thieving, and manipulating. So does the side-aching laughter, as he tries in vain to cover-up his mischievous ways! 

As the antics play out, the Bad Boy is blissfully unaware of the pain and sorrow being buried deeper and deeper inside of him. How long will he wander the streets, oblivious to life’s true meaning? Join Johnny-Boy and his friends as twelve more short tales unfold directly from the Castle Hill section of the Bronx.