Mary's Christmas Story
By Lucinda Weeks

Volume III Of The Women Who Met Jesus Series!

Mary's Christmas Story
By Lucinda Weeks



  • Official Release Date:  October 5, 2015
  • Published By:  Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Book Genre:  Christian Fiction / Christian Novel
  • Book Rating:  No sex, violence or profanity.
  • Pages:  247

About The Story

Mary's Christmas Story Is A Glimpse Into The Close Connection She Has With Jesus

On the night of her father's death, young Mary is visited by the angel Gabriel who brings her a message of comfort and peace that she has been chosen by God to become the mother of the Messiah. Mary gladly accepts God's glorious plan for her life. However Mary soon finds that she has many challenges ahead of her as her own mother and her beloved Joseph finds it hard to believe.
This is a beautiful and exciting look at the life of Mary and the close connection that she has with Jesus. Told according to protestant believe it tells about the romance she shares with her husband Joseph. This story focuses on the first 12 years of Jesus life. It is filled with beautiful stories of what his childhood might have been like. It is a story of redemption and healing for those around Jesus.


Highlights Of The Story

The Young Mother!

Get a vivid idea of what Mary may have thought and experienced as a single mother and as the mother of the Messiah.

A Deep Love Of God!

Feel the strength of the women involved in Mary's life who loved God with all their beings and who received great blessings.

Complete Trust In God!

Grow with Mary as she realizes complete trust in God for the amazing child growing in her and the fruit of Godly obedience.

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 Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

An Enlightening Look At Mary, The Mother Of Jesus...

"Mary's Christmas Story" by Lucinda Weeks builds excitement from the very beginning of the story when young Mary realizes she is to be the mother of the Messiah and bring to life the prophesy of Isaiah 7:14. 

   It was enlightening to realize the many thoughts and emotions Mary may have felt and lived through from the time of her questioning why God would use her for so great a purpose to the realization that her life was about to change in a most unique way. No longer was she able to be a typical and carefree young woman betrothed to her one and only true love, Joseph, who must either believe that she has conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit or by law choose if she be stoned to death.

   Until I read "Mary's Christmas Story," I had never pondered the difficulties Mary had to face or the faith she needed to believe that God would move Joseph’s heart to not only embrace her story but also share in the upbringing and protection of Jesus. And it was also very exciting to see the birth of Jesus from Mary's point of view and understand the many laws that made it so difficult to be His mother.

   Understanding her God-given destiny, Mary yields completely to God’s plan for her life and to follow the Holy Spirit implicitly in order to keep the “Baby Jesus” safe and to insure that He thrives throughout His life. This is not an easy task as the baby Jesus begins to grow within her. She faces scorn and accusations for becoming an unwed mother, but she takes on the challenge to insure that Jesus fulfills His destiny to save the world.      

   Mary’s character was brilliantly written to show her spiritual depth, love of God and sweet spirit, but the author also gives her a character we can all identify with concerning everyday life. At times her life becomes draining, leaving her to feel powerless, often needing Jesus to help her realize that through Him God empowers us for success over all things, including the mundane tasks of living. We also get an exciting glimpse of what Jesus may have been like as a child and young adult.

  This is a wonderful story of life purpose that reveals how we can all live the greatness that God has in store for each of us as we allow Him to take total charge of our lives and follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit as Mary did. Part III in a series titled, “The Women Who Met Jesus,” this is a truly amazing story that will warm your heart and empower you to follow Jesus.


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About The Author

Lucinda Weeks

About The Author...

Lucinda has been writing fiction as a hobby since she was eight.  She wrote as a ghostwriter for national magazine's and websites.  She has been a Christian believer in Jesus Christ for more than thirty years.  
She began writing Christian fiction as a way of sharing Christ's love and to share with others the talent God gave her to write. She strives to write in a way that glorifies Christ first of all and to show his divine love and mercy.

The Women Who Met Jesus Series

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