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Money Management For Kids

About Your Money and Life Purpose

Learn About Your Money and Life Purpose From A Biblical Standard

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Our Divine Destiny Is Enhanced When We Learn How Go Be Good Stewards For God

When we learn how to take control of our money according to Biblical principles we'll not only place ourselves in a position of great financial growth, but we'll also be cultivating a disciplined life for Christ. Living our life purpose through God's guidance means that we commit to following His ways instead of our own.  Respecting everything we have, including our money, is a character development we need to accomplish through Christ because we must always be thankful for God's blessings. If we're not, then we need to examine our motives for serving God. Not being thankful is a sign of self-interest rather than being God-centered. When we look to self, we can feel as if nothing is ever good enough to please us.

Living our life purpose means that we're responsible to live God's Word. If we don't, we won't know how to follow God and conform to His ways. This applies to the way we handle our money as well. Since God has principles for how we regard money and for financial growth then we need to practice them. If we don't, then we won't become the good stewards with our money that God expects us to be and we risk losing what we have because of our lack of wisdom.    

Why God Wants and Needs Us To Prosper Financially

The first and foremost reason for each of God's children to live out their divine destiny is to perpetuate the Kingdom of God.  Each of us should build our financial growth because it's Biblical correct to do so, but not just to have the power to spend our money whenever we want. We should first desire to finance the evangelical efforts of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the world. So the subject of financial growth is an important part of living our purpose. When we're involved in God's will, He will see to it that we're well-provided for.

God wants you to prosper financially as long as He remains at the center of your life. He wants you to live in abundance, and you will as long as you regard money as a blessing and not something that takes first place in your life.

The reasons are simple and uncomplicated.  There's no mystery to the fact that people can get confused if they focus upon money only. Everything else in their lives becomes less meaningful. When that happens, they can get into greed which can take us away from our purpose. We can't serve money and God at the same time. God's Word teaches us how to be wise with our money so that we can enjoy it by remaining in control of it! To help you do just that, I've provided the following resources below.

About Your Money and Life Purpose Index:

Midas Touch Bible Study

If You're Not sure what God has to say about money, prosperity and abundance, this study is for you!  Learn how to become a good steward with your money and guard it from false prosperity messages that go against God's financial principles. Learn More...

Financial Growth God's Way

Developing our life purpose can be difficult when our lives are plagued by problems that can cause us to think about our circumstances so much that we forget about or "put off" our purpose.  As long as we're on earth, we're always going to have problems, but it's what we do about them that makes the difference between success and failure. Learn more... 

Money Management And Kids

Children need to learn how to save, spend, give and invest. So I did some investigating and found these great products that will help you teach your child or children how to become a success with money.  And by learning to tithe and give offerings, they'll learn how to be good stewards by taking care of what they have and giving to God.    More...

Share Your Money and Life Purpose Wisdom With Children Using The Money Savvy Generation 4-Compartment Bank

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