Power Walk Through The Holy Spirit Review 

By James E. Webb

Power Walk Through The Holy Spirit Gives Guidance For Christians After They Receive Salvation.

How To Let The Holy Spirit Empower Your Walk With Christ!  

Power Walk Through The Holy Spirit

Power Walk Through The Holy Spirit By James E. Webb 

In his new book, Pastor James E. Webb shows Christians what to do after making their commitment to Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.  Many Christians wonder what to do after salvation, but many times there is no information to guide them.   

Power Walk Through The Holy Spirit is a book that provides important and helpful guidance concerning the significance of the Holy Spirit in spiritual growth. The POWER acrostic is made up of disciplines that the Holy Spirit assists us in mastering. 

The disciplines of Prayer, Obedience, Worship, Evangelism and Reading the Word of God are accomplished most effectively through the aid of the Holy Spirit. Read the book for information, but more importantly, for inspiration as you POWER walk Through the Holy Spirit.

Book Review By Jim Lukasik

Power Walk Through The Holy Spirit

By Pastor James E. Webb

James E. Webb's new book, Power Walk Through The Holy Spirit, shares important information that pertains to every Christian. His subject, the power of the Holy Spirit for daily living and spiritual growth, is one that gets very little attention in the spiritual arena of Christian writing, therefore it makes his book stand out from many of the Christian books available today. Many churches have little or no discussion about the Holy Spirit, so I am excited to review this enlightening book. I believe that Christians will be empowered in their walk with God by following Pastor Webb's teaching as it will assist them in overcoming the ignorance and many misconceptions concerning the Holy Spirit.

I have relied upon the power of the Holy Spirit for many years and share the concern that a large number of Christians are not being taught how to utilize this Holy Spirit Power all Christians are given. This is why I appreciate how Pastor Webb wrote his book as a comprehensive guide that can be easily understood by believers for using the power that comes through the Holy Spirit. He also shows that Christians have a choice for living with or without the control of the Holy Spirit. We have to take action to utilize His power, it's not going to just manifest in our lives without our permission. The book teaches that to live and walk victoriously the believer must tap into the effectual power of God that He provides through the Holy Spirit.

Another part of the book I felt valuable to the believer is how the author obviously spent much time outlining and detailing a method of learning how to daily walk with the Holy Spirit. This is a very unique means of learning that he named, Power walk. He lists five major disciplines, which vertically spell "power." He goes into detail for each and also makes clear the spiritual truth that every Christian is responsible to be actively involved in each of the disciplines. However, without utilizing the power of the Holy Spirit, one cannot be sufficiently empowered and enlightened to carry out each discipline to the fullest.

The key disciplines are:

  • P   Pray in the Spirit
  • O   Obey in the Spirit
  • W   Worship in the Spirit
  • E   Evangelize in the Spirit
  • R   Read in the Spirit

POWER walk through the Holy Spirit is a way of life, not just a ritual to perform now and then when one feels badly about their life. It's a lifestyle that will bring the believer a life of obedience and great blessing. Verses are provided to help the reader remain on the right path for better understanding on how to trust God and lean upon the Holy Spirit rather than turning away from Him. It can be easy for Christians to fall back into the life they had been delivered from, so wise and scriptural instruction is included to help one remain committed to God's Word by putting to death the "old man." He also gives the reader excellent guides and tips that can easily be incorporated into the believer's life for further Spiritual growth.

I found the book to be full of excellent directives for the Christian who has just received the Holy Spirit as well as the Christian who may have become complacent but would like to restore or begin his walk with the Holy Spirit. After reading this important book, any Christian will be able to Power Walk through the Holy Spirit.

Jim Lukasik
Christian Studies From Cottonwood Leadership College In So. CA
Operations Manager Of Life Purpose books.com

About The Author...

Pastor James E. Webb

James E. Webb is the senior pastor of the Bethesda Missionary Baptist Church of Marshall, Texas. He currently serves as the President of the Texas Educational Baptist State Congress of Christian Education and the Minister's Conference of East Mount Olive Baptist District Association. He is a graduate of the University of Texas @ Austin and received his Certificate of Ministry and Christian Leadership from East Texas Baptist University. He is married to Sharon LaVern and they reside in Longview, Texas with their two children, Donavon James and Carmen LaJoyce.  His personal vision statement is: "To glorify God with his words, with his works, and with his walk, that he might be a worthy witness for the world."

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Take Your Power Walk Through The Holy Spirit! 

Power Walk Through The Holy Spirit

Power Walk Through The Holy Spirit

Power Walk Through the Holy Spirit Review

Book Genre: Christian Helps
Publisher: AuthorHouse (September 26, 2013)


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