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Dr. Sharon Smith - Koen Gives Christian Divorce Self-Help From A Biblical View  

Learn About God's Healing, Forgiveness and Renewal To Restore Broken Lives. 

Christian Divorce Self-help

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Christian Divorce Wars - A Biblical View by Dr. Sharon Smith - Koen

There is a war going on in the Christian realm, and conservative churches across the nation choose to ignore and avoid; hoping the turmoil will subside, if we just pretend it does not exist. 

This Christian divorce self-help book is written from the heart of a woman, once ripped apart by the ravishing of a divorce war that left her and her children trapped in a dug out of despair. Although not a biographical portrait, the book gives the reader a glimpse of the hurt and desperation of the wounded soldiers caught in this often overlooked war, which rages within the walls of the sophisticated church. 

The reader is given a panoramic view of God as healer, forgiver and friend, who while looking at the divorce decree, slams the gavel of His Word declaring "Divorce Denied."

For greater spiritual impact, I recommended reading Weapons Of Victory with Christian Divorce Wars.

-Margaret Lukasik

The Author's Other Book...

Weapons Of Victory

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Christian Divorce Wars - A Biblical View by Dr. Sharon Smith - Koen

Weapons For Victory - Memoirs of a Perfect Storm By Dr. Sharon Smith-Koen

The author vividly describes what Paul talks about in Ephesians 6:10-18 about the Armor of Warfare every believer must have and implement. This Armor is provided to every Christian, but it must be used before it can be effective.

The author, Dr. Sharon Smith-Koen, gives a vibrant account of how she used these spiritual Weapons for Victory to gain access to Satan's camp, retrieve what was stolen from her and then walked away in victory. The book is clearly based upon God's Word, as she shares the tools it gives to prepare for deployment, face it head on, and emerge a winner every time.

Weapons for Victory:
 Memoirs of a Perfect Storm

Kindle Version


Christian Video Review By Margaret Lukasik

Christian Divorce Wars - A Biblical View

Dr. Sharon Smith - Koen

About The Author ...

Dr. Sharon Smith-Koen was born in Jamaica West Indies. She relocated to the United States in September 1970 and attended Grace Gospel Chapel in Harlem New York for 17 years. She became a member of Bethel Gospel Assembly also in Harlem in 1987. This is where a life of ministry truly began for Sharon, as she sought to follow the inscription written on the outside wall of that church, "ENTER TO LEARN GO FORTH TO SERVE." 

    After a divorce, Sharon spent 10 years as a single mother to her 2 children (Jason and Shanae). She pursued a career in counseling, and currently holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Management, a Master of Science Degree in Counseling from Mercy College, graduating Suma Cum Laude, and a Doctorate in Biblical Counseling/Biblical Studies from Master's International School of Divinity, graduating with honors. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Christian Counseling from Jacksonville Theological Seminary. Sharon is also the author of Christian Divorce Wars. She got re-married to Charles T. Koen in 2010 and they reside in Port St. Lucie

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