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Step Back In Time Through Author W. R. Sander's New Novel That Shares The Reality Of The First Century Through Three Young People.  

Talmid - The Book Of John

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Book Summary Of Talmid - The Book Of John

The story goes back to the first century.  It's about three friends who take opposing views from each other after learning about a mysterious stranger who comes to their town of K'far-Nachum.  This is the beginning of a chain of events that will change the world. 

The main character is a twelve year-old boy named John who has a gift of memorizing Scripture quickly.  Once the local priests learn of his talent, they involve him in dealing with the stranger who is called Yochanan the Immerser who is baptizing townspeople in the local river and is in defiance of the established religious order.  Once he is successfully silenced, another even more formidable opponent from Natzeret comes to town, and takes John and his friends from their small town to Herod's Palace, Yerushalayim and then to a small hill called Gulgota.

Definition:  tal•mid, pl. (tal•mid•im); An indentured apprentice-student of a Rabbi; a student studying under discipline, hence "disciple" rather than merely "student."

Reviews For This Exciting Novel...  

Talmid - The Book Of John

W. R. Sander 

Christian Historical Fiction

By Lisa J. Lickel on February 18, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition Amazon Verified Purchase

I'm not to hugest fan of Biblical fiction because there's so much room for interpretation. Will Sander changes my mind because this book is what I think Biblical fiction should be. Lovingly recreated story of a world affected by the Messiah, Sander's attention to detail down to clothing and travel and lifestyle is a virtual step back in time. Talmid is a long book with teenaged primary characters, geared for probably pre-high school high level readers, though I thoroughly enjoyed it. A mature young male student, John, with an eidetic memory, a gifted and favored boy who impresses the church leaders in his town has an encounter with a couple of prophets who force him to confront his own chosen life. John's friends, Myriam, who has unquestioning faith in the message of the prophets, and Philo, an older student and son of the priest, cannot get past the lessons he's had drilled into his soul all of his life. All three are challenged not only by the mysterious prophets, but by the elders they've always trusted. Who is right?

Lovingly told by the student, or talmid, John over the course of several years, and a unique twist at the end, the book would make an excellent gift for the readers in your life. Get one for yourself, too.

By Tamela L. Demoreuille on February 15, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition

I've read the first few chapters and think that this is a great book for teens. It uses historical facts of the time and follows the story of three young people exploring their beliefs during a time of great change.

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About The Author ...

W. R. Sander

W. R. (Will) Sander was born in Liberia and grew up on the east coast. He currently resides in the Kansas City, Missouri area with his wife Kim and his sons Bradley and Benjamin. 

He has been a Christian since September 26, 1997, when God spoke to him at 30,000 feet on a flight from Kansas City. He is active in the leadership of his church, and performs with the Praise Band. His Christian Historical Fiction Book, Talmid - The Book Of John, is his first novel.

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