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Inspirational Writings By Ron Millicent 

Read the enjoyable Inspirational Writings By Ron Millicent That Share His Experiences In Life and Views About How To Discover The Path To God!

The Path To God

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About Lessons of Life - The Path to God  By Ron Millicent 

The book is a creation of inspirational writings, thoughts and wisdom from the author who joyfully shares his personal observations about what it means to be spiritual even when it's not easily recognizable.

He dedicates his book to those who are more silent about their belief in God's Word.  He discusses persons like himself who have not experienced a momentous revelation from God – and perhaps even did poorly in Sunday school classes. But, he believes these individuals may be – and often are – just as spiritual as the ones who openly profess their belief and piousness.  

The author honestly states that after reading this book – you won’t be able to quote Scripture any better than you did before reading it.  But he believes it makes God's Word inspirational and life changing!

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Lessons Of Life

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Lessons Of Life - The Path To God

A Collection Of Inspirational Writings by Ron Millicent

About The Author ...

Ron Millicent

Ron Millicent believes that life is full of learning experiences, (adventures) and that we become richer from having learned and experienced them. 

He firmly believes that God made us to enjoy life – and our lifelong lessons are meant to enhance our lives – while at the same time bringing us closer to Him. The cover of the book – The Path – illustrates that the paths to God – can come in many shapes, sizes, and places. Some may surprise us! It is the recognition of this that lets us enjoy being human – while traveling that path with vigor –and some laughs along the way. It is a Great Inspirational Read! You will enjoy it!!

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Lessons Of Life - The Path To God


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Lessons Of Life - The Path To God

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