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Reiteration by Dr. Henry Disney 

Reiteration:  A Book of Poetry by Dr. Henry DisneyDr. Henry Disney

  • Paperback: 154 pages
  • Publisher: Pneuma Springs Publishing (5 May 2011)
  • Language: English

About The Author...        

Dr. Henry Disney is a poet and has been writing poetry since he was a teenager at school. However he has a comprehensive and varied background, one that also includes science. He was born in Dorset in 1938. On leaving school in 1957 he did his National Service in the Royal Artillery. He read Natural Sciences at Cambridge University. He was then Assistant Warden of the Flatford Mill Field Centre in Suffolk. He married the Centre's secretary, Audrey. He was then the Medical Entomologist at the Dermal Leishmaniasis Research Unit in British Honduras (Belize). 

His research was mainly on the ecology of sandflies (Phlebotominae) and mammals in relation to a parasitic infection contracted by people working in the rainforest. He returned to Bristol University to study for a Certificate in Education, then joined the MRC as the Medical Entomologist at the Helminthisasis Research Unit in Cameroon. 

He continues his research on the natural history, taxonomy and evolution of world scuttle flies at Cambridge University's Department of Zoology.

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Referring to a review by Kitty Ferguson of Dr. Disney's sixth collection of poetry, she stated that "Henry Disney is, to borrow a phrase, a beautiful mind, and also a tough mind." This seventh collection of poems reinforces this perception. 

His delight in nature, ideas and humanity is never sentimental. His poems are challenging and a reflection of his varied life and work experience. 

His Poetry reflects such topics as his active service in Cyprus in his youth, his deep commitment to his scientific work and evolution, his strong Christian faith, his occasional forensic work, his grandchildren, politics and a variety of situations. Ranging from limericks to a poem of more than 100 lines, all are skilfully crafted and, even when handling specialized notions, are never obscure.  All of Dr. Disney's poems were created to communicate, to challenge and give pleasure.

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