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About One New Dudette 

One New Dudette by Jeff Zahorsky 

If you're lost and don't know who you are, Jeff Zahorsky latest book will guide you into your true identity.

One New Dudette will lead you into the truth of who you are and bring you to your most fulfilled life in Christ.  This is a great life purpose discovery book. 

Genre  Christian Growth
Publish Date 11-20, 2012
Pages  235

Meet The Author...

Margaret Lukasik

Jeff Zahorsky was born in 1968 in Cleveland, Ohio to Irish and Slovak parents.  He grew up in Ohio and traveled the world while in the United States Navy.  

For a little over 6 years, he served in the military in Iraq.

His primary background is technology, also holding a Certificate of Biomedicine from Boston University. He became a Christian on the flight deck of Navy warship-- by God's grace through a Navy Chaplain-- while serving in Pearl Harbor, HI. Jeff continues to aspire in sharing God's grace through his ongoing writings. 

About One New Dudette

Christian Growth How-To:  

One New Dudette         

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Book Description:  New Christians, Christians new to the Word and spiritually mature Christians can all read this book and receive great benefits.  Specifically, Jeff leads the believer straight from the Scriptures into the their only and true nature and identity through Jesus Chrit.

Learn to grasp the principles that will lead you to the life purpose you were designed by God to live and fulfill for the rest of your life.  There's no reason to live with low self-esteem and without purpose.  One New Dudette will guide you into into God's truth for a successful Christian lifestyle.  Learn the  7 solid reasons why you should change your life and change your mind to trust God. 

Jeff currently has a new book in progress titled, "No Way Dude." 

Jeff can be reached through his email address at: jzahorsky @ 

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Now available in the Kindle addition. Check for availability for both of his books. 

One New Dudette
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