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Conquering Fear in a Dangerous World

Become Empowered With Conquering Fear in a Dangerous World by Pastor Stevie Glenn 

Conquering Fear In A Dangerous World

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Conquering Fear in a Dangerous World - Walking In The Safety, Security and Magnificence of God's Power by Pastor Stevie Glenn

Conquering Fear in a Dangerous World is book for Christian not intimidated by the many horrific things happening in the world. While there are millions of Christians defeated by circumstances they believe are beyond their control, there is nothing in this world beyond the control of genuine believers who truly acknowledge the Greater One within them. They are aware that Christ has given them the power to overcome fear of man, circumstances and conditions without reservation.

This life transforming book is for Christians who believe that all things are possible with God, regardless of the obstacles or challenges which may appear in their daily lives or in the daily lives of family, friends and neighbors. Supernatural inspired Christians see upheavals as temporary illusions in the way of greatness in God.  In fact, they walk in the knowledge and omnipotence of God.

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My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” (Hoes 4:6) It's this lack of knowledge which has been the limiting factor in the lives of saints for thousands of years. The knowledge of the power and might that God invested in the saints to overcome the world has perished from the earth on a grand scale, ever since the days of Christ and Acts of the Apostles. 

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About The Author and His Ministry ...

Stevie Glenn

Infinite Visionary Training Center

     (612) 240-8275

6305 Camden Ave. N.
Brooklyn Center, MN 55430 

Author of Conquering Fear in a Dangerous World, Stevie Glenn, is an ordained pastor, a school teacher and a herb specialist. He is the founder and head of Infinite Visionary Training Center in Minneapolis Minnesota.  Pastor Glenn has a burning passion for equipping believers for walking in the joy and freedom of God's kingdom.

He moved from Wisconsin to Minnesota 2005 after conducting a successful cell ministry for nearly a decade. Pastor Stevie is the author of several books and divine teachings equipped to prepare the believer for a dynamic life of divine love, miracles, spiritual warfare as well as unspeakable joy. 

Pastor Stevie Glenn found God in a small Blythesville Arkansas kitchen at the age of 3 years old. While playing in the kitchen he noticed his mother kept silently talking to herself while baking teacakes. Concerned about his mother, He asked her if there was something wrong. She told Stevie she was praying to God the Father. She told Stevie that we must never dishonor God because He loves everybody and that He is always around to help when people are in trouble. Stevie believed instantly. The rest is history.

About Infinite Visionary Ministry

Infinite Visionary Ministry equips the believer with the wisdom and knowledge of divinity. Knowledge is given on the dynamic change that happens within the believer upon salvation and the power that is instilled within them to confront and overcome the kingdom of darkness in every place. 

Believers must know that they are fighting a battle that has been won over 2000 years ago. What appears to be a battle today is only an illusion that must be cleared in the consciousness. When believers understand this, they are ready to go fourth to accomplish the will of God. 

This is the unfamiliar brilliance (the deeper truth of God) that Infinite Visionary Ministry teaches to the body of Christ. Such knowledge must replace the obsession with the prosperity gospel that is taught in the earth.

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