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Healing Cancer With Science and Scripture! 

Learn How Jacquie Woodward Triumphed In Life By Healing Cancer With Science and Scripture!

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Slam the Door on


...And lock it out of your life   

By Jacquie Woodward

Slam the Door on Cancer is the book the author needed years ago when doctors said, “Sorry about your luck.” and a physician friend said, “If you get through this, you will have to be your own doctor”.    Woodward did put cancer behind her causing bewildered doctors to   report, “no evidence of recurrent or residual disease."  

This book weaves science and Scripture in practical ways using Woodward’s story to illustrate.   Click here to continue reading about what Jacquie has to say about her book concerning healing cancer with science and scripture and how it can help you. 

Slam The Door On Cancer Is Now Released and Already Changing Lives 

Slam The Door On Cancer Review

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June 17, 2014

My husband and I have already begun changing many of our daily habits for better health and disease prevention.  However this book is not just for preventative measure!  Read it and get healed of cancer or any disease with science and scripture.  If you follow what Jacquie did to be healed of cancer some time ago. 


The photo at left is taken at the Danville Nutrition Center (Kentucky) where  Slam the Door on Cancer . . .and lock it out of your life, has been added to their line of merchandise on May 28, 2014.   The owner, Jennie Hollen added this photo of Jacquie and the book.   

Jennie actually contacted Jacquie about getting her book in the store.  


Jacquie gives seminars about the information in her book.  She will soon have audio clips taken from her interviews and seminars that will be put into a video series on YouTube.  She will have the first video interview on the 29th of June 2014.


From Jacquie about an email she received: 

"God just keeps doing amazing things.  Today I had a voicemail on my cell phone from David VanKoevering who I quoted extensively in the book.   He said he'd read the book three times and thought it was the most important healing book ever.   He thanked me for quoting him correctly and said he had some conferences coming up and would like to put the book on his media table and didn't want anything for it.  (Of course I wouldn't do that without sharing the net proceeds)..."


Tom Vigneri produced and created the following video. He is a producer for a tv station in Lexington and the clips were from a radio interview with his wife, Goldie. station who is also a pro. Here is the video on YouTube.

Video Review By Margaret Lukasik

Slam the Door on Cancer

Jacquie Woodward

Read About The Inspiring Author ...

Jacquie Woodward is a wife, mother, and grandmother. When “the C word” was pronounced over her life, she was a long dormant Christian who suddenly realized she wanted to bear more fruit before leaving this earth.  She realized that for her, healing cancer was not an option, and so she set forth to do battle and win!  

She found herself with two strikes against her and only one choice--hit a home run. Because her “batting coach”, the Good Lord, gave her perfect signals, she did. Jacquie lives in rural Kentucky with her husband, a retired physician. 

Herself a retired educator and business woman, she enjoys water media painting and being silly with her three grandchildren.

Quote by Jacquie:  

“I realize the title of this book is bold.  It takes boldness to stand up to a bully and I perceive cancer as just that.  We are not as isolated and vulnerable as this bully would have us believe.”

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Slam the Door on CANCER


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Slam The Door On The Cancer: And Lock It Out of Your LifeSlam The Door On Cancer

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