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Inspirational Fiction For Women by Sharon A. Lavy 

A Story About A Young Woman's Faith In God To Move Forward With Her Life.

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Summary For Dreaming Of A Father's Love

     Sharon A. Lavy's main character, Roberta Birdie, desires change for her life.  She moves forward to carve her future only to meet with difficulty from her father.  She believes that he is over-critical and harsh with her when in reality what he really wants is the best for her, just as most parents do. 

     During the summer and after high school graduation, many dreadful events happened to her family and friends.  This was a pivotal time for Roberta.  She could either give up or trust God.  Because of the strong and deep rooted faith she had developed, it served as her foundation. 

     She is also challenged by a love triangle and must figure out how to help or deal with her friends, both old and new.  Her family helps her realize her place in the community in which she lives and wants to stay.

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About The Author ...

Sharon Lavy

Sharon A Lavy lives with her husband in SW Ohio. When not reading, writing, or sewing for her family, she enjoys traveling with her husband in the small plane they call PaPa. 

She is best known in the novel writing community, as that German Baptist lady. In the Old German Baptist community she's a dressmaker, a pattern maker, and the sister who writes. And in her own mind she's a wife, a mother, and a grandmother, but above all a child of God. 

Her greatest desire is to be a woman after God's own heart.  Sharon has a heart for hurting women, and writes inspirational fiction for women.  A WordServe client since 2012, she is represented by Sarah Joy Freese.

More Information:

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Dreaming Of A Father's Love

Dreaming of a Father's Love: A Tale From the Ohio Valley ____________________________

More About Sharon:
  • American Christian Writers (ACW)
  • American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW)
  • 2010-2011 ACFW Membership Officer
  • Present ACFW Ohio Chapter President
  • Member of ACFW Indiana chapter
  • Former ACFW Ohio Valley Zone Director
  • Faith Writers
  • Romance Writers of America
  • Member of Love Faith & Hope online chapter

Book Facts:

Genre: Inspirational Fiction For Women

Publish Date: 12-26-2012

Product Details

  • Series: The Ohio Valley
  • Paperback: 442 pages
  • Publisher: Story and Logic Media Group (December 26, 2012)
  • Language: English