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Successful Living By Forming Successful Habits 

The Successful Living Writings Of Ron Millicent, Continue With Part II, "Successful Habits," Of His "Lessons Of Life Trilogy!"

Successful Habits

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Successful Habits  By Ron Millicent 

   This little handbook of introspective wisdom is a life-changer, in easy to follow steps. And, you will even be smiling along the way in this journey of life. Though it is a very serious subject – changing one’s path of life – this book is proof that you do not have to wade through someone else’s life’s stories – to change your own. Nor, do you have to apply these principles with dogged seriousness and somberness. 

   This book will take you on an excursion of life that is easy, fun, and enormously rewarding. Most pages have pictures or renderings to bring home the principle for that particular page or session. It states unequivocally that there are no new ideas. It expresses appreciation of `The Law of Attraction`, and `The Secret` - but emphasizes that these are not `new` ideas. Nor are they `secret’. The 'proper application' of ancient principles is what this book is about.  This is a concise, easy to follow, life changer. You will love it!

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Successful Habits

by Ron Millicent

About The Author ...

Ron Millicent believes that life is full of learning experiences, (adventures) and that we become richer from having learned and experienced them. 

Here is a guy with no advanced degrees to hang on an office wall.  But he has a `Black Belt` in life’s experiences - and is eager to share them.  You will like his insights.

A great read from the author's perspective for successful living when you need a boost -and we all do – often!!

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Successful Habits


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