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Understanding The Holy Spirit

Understanding The Holy Spirit Empowers Our Ability To Live and Obey God's Word To The Fullest.

Let James E. Webb's Book, Power Walk Through The Holy Spirit, Teach You How To Let The Holy Spirit Empower Your Walk With Christ!  

Understanding The Holy Spirit

Power Walk Through The Holy Spirit By James E. Webb 

In his new book, Pastor James E. Webb gives instruction for Christians who haven't been taught what to do after making their commitment to Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.  Many Christians believe that after salvation, there is no more to do, leaving them to walk by the flesh rather than by the Spirit of God.   

Power Walk Through the Holy Spirit enlightens Christians about the function of the Holy Spirit, providing them with important and helpful guidance concerning the significance of the Holy Spirit in spiritual growth. Pastor Webb also teaches the POWER acrostic which is made up of disciplines that the Holy Spirit assists us in mastering.  Those disciplines are Prayer, Obedience, Worship, Evangelism and Reading the Word of God.  Aided by the Holy Spirit we can more effectively incorporate these disciplines into our lives. Get Power Walk Through The Holy Spirit for understanding the Holy Spirit and His work.  

About The Author ...

Pastor James E. Webb
Pastor Webb On Facebook

James E. Webb is the senior pastor of the Bethesda Missionary Baptist Church of Marshall, Texas. He currently serves as the President of the Texas Educational Baptist State Congress of Christian Education and the Minister's Conference of East Mount Olive Baptist District Association. He is a graduate of the University of Texas @ Austin and recieved his Certificate of Ministry and Christian Leadership from East Texas Baptist University. 

He is married to Sharon LaVern and they reside in Longview, Texas with their two children, Donavon James and Carmen LaJoyce.  His personal vision statement is: "To glorify God with his words, with his works, and with his walk, that he might be a worthy witness for the world."

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Power Walk Through the Holy Spirit     

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  • Paperback: 112 pages
  • Publisher: AuthorHouse (September 26, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1491815965
  • ISBN-13: 978-1491815960