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Living God's purpose doesn't mean reading the Bible all day long and praying.  It's true that we need to daily communicate with God, pray for guidance, praise and thank Him, take time for Bible study, spend time with other Christians and make sure our families grow in Christ, however there is a practical side to life that God expects us to also fulfill.

We can't be so spiritual minded that we're no earthly good.  We need to learn how to relax, set goals and attain them, and take the appropriate steps to attain the career, business, ministry or responsibility God has given us to accomplish.  

We need to keep up our homes, take care of our cars and keep our personal business organized.  Being accomplished in these tasks will help to make our spiritual growth and special purpose easier to fulfill God's way successfully.  

Rather than have a "Jack of all trades, Master of none" attitude, we need to become well rounded and accomplished in performing the everyday tasks of life.  We should look to the Holy Spirit for guidance, of course, but we can also get practical wisdom and knowledge from many sources of educational study, general reading and even reading for entertainment purposes to help refresh the mind and body.  

Periods of relaxation actually help the heart and mind to to be more receptive to God and the information He needs us to receive for our calling and for our personal success.

About The Books Listed

The recommended books given are linked to books I've chosen from Amazon.con. Some are seasonal, so no all books will be appropriate throughout the year. I will continue to add to the list of recommended books from this site or other sites.



Living The Well-Rounded Life!

...if you can try to be more well-rounded, you'll be able to enjoy your success more. It won't own you or control you.  Ricky Williams

Recommended Books

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