Bless Israel Be Blessed by Ulung Awng Ja

Tate Publishing Has Just Released Bless Israel Be Blessed 

Ulung Awng Ja, Christian Pastor and Author Of  "Why Did God Create Man?," has written this unparallelled commentary concerning Israel.

Bless Israel Be Blessed

Bless Israel Be blessed by Ulung Awang Ja

Follow Ulung Awng Ja as he dives deep into the life of the family that gave birth to the country of Israel. In this analysis of the scripture, he uses his keen insight to bring new light to the biblical story of Jacob and Esau, and he discusses with us the importance of being a "mild" person. 

He also discusses the misconceptions that some people have regarding Jacob, and he uses scripture and the original language itself to back up what he says.

Ulung explains the importance of the firstborn birthright and how all Christians can strive to obtain it.

Learn more about the author's first book, "Why Did God Create Man?" which is available now!

Book Review by Margaret Lukasik

Bless Israel Be Blessed 

By Ulung Awng Ja

I am thankful to Ulung Awng Ja, for his amazing, in-depth book, Blessed Israel; Be Blessed. It gives clarity for how Christians should live their lives before God. As a pastor and Bible scholar, he offers great wisdom and knowledge concerning the blood line of Jesus Christ centering upon Jacob from the Old Testament who has been greatly misunderstood in his ways, his motives and in the way God regarded him. This misunderstanding has caused many to miss out on true Christian obedience and blessings. However, Ulung gives a true Biblical account of Jacob's family dynamics, beginning with his Grandfather Abraham in order to enlighten and teach the reader how to follow God and His Word in this present day.

This is a "must read" book for all Christians as it rightly depicts Jacob as a "mild man" who loved and obeyed God unlike his brother who had no respect for the things of God. Many Christians, as well as myself, have had much confusion concerning Jacob and his brother Esau's birthright that he willingly sold to Jacob. The true Biblical understanding of this one event is so important to Christians regarding obedience and having favor with God. Blessed Israel Be Blessed shows the reader how important it is to understand Jacob's deep love for God and how greatly God loved him in order to emulate his ways and please God with faith and trust in Him.

After reading Blessed Israel Be blessed, I felt renewed with a greater understanding of living God's Word as well as His will for my life. Ulung brings us into the New Testament with a clearer understanding of redemption through Jesus Christ and the blessings that are possible as we learn to follow the path of men and women of great faith such Abraham, Isaac, Rebekah and Jacob.

Blessed Israel Be Blessed is a true blessing and inspiration to live our best life in Jesus Christ! I highly recommend it with the advice to be open to the Biblical truths Ulung shares from his Biblical studies based upon correct scriptural translations. Read this amazing book and it will guide you into living your salvation to the fullest!

About The Author ...

Ulung Awng Ja Bio

Ulung Awng Ja is Senior pastor of Myanmar Philadelphia Pentecostal Church. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit He serves God and teaches people according to what the Bible teaches us. 

He has written another book titled "Why Did God Create Man?" It has been published by Wine press Publishing.


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