God's Strategic Plan by Robert V. Fullerton

The Bible Is God's Strategic Plan For Your Life and Destiny

It's Part Of God's Plan For You To Succeed! Learn How To Overcome The Opposition!

God's Strategic Plan  

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About God's Strategic Plan By Robert V. Fullerton

Business success depends on effective strategic planning and execution. The practice of planning strategy, however, did not originate here on earth with man.    "God's Strategic Plan" sets out to establish that the Bible is not a random collection of ancient stories, but is in fact a strategic planning document, which surpasses anything that the corporate world has ever seen.

    Imbedded in the pages of Scripture is a well thought out, brilliant strategy which not only reveals God's ultimate intent in creating man, but describes the intricate measures He took to establish us as the dominant species on earth.  As an experienced business professional, Robert takes the reader behind the scenes to examine the objectives, options and tactics of two opposing supernatural beings, God and Satan, as they contend for lives of men and women since the beginning of man's existence.  This book provides new insight into the strategies adopted by each side in this unseen battle raging in our midst, and drills down to examine the effect that God's Strategic Plan has on our individual lives and destinies.

Review by Margaret Lukasik

God's Strategic Plan

By Robert V. Fullerton

God's Strategic Plan by author Robert Fullerton is an intriguing and powerful book concerning God's plan for man collectively and individually. It begins with the premise that all successful plans must have a strategy for success and they must also be evaluated throughout their progression in order to update and adjust them for contingencies that weren't planned for. God had His plan for man and then Satan came along with his hostile plan that changed the way of life intended for man at the Garden of Eden. The plan was for man to exist in this beautiful environment and be able to speak to God directly. Satan, who was banished to earth, was envious of man and wanted to damage him, thereby affecting God and forcing a change to His plan. Satan's plan began a battle for ruling the earth with the ultimate outcome of his ruling Heaven and installing himself in God's place.

As Robert Fullerton takes us through the stories of the Bible that depict the progressive battles for control of the earth and Satan's quest to rule earth and heaven, we see how each plan of the Prince of Darkness is dealt with by God. When Jesus is sent to earth to redeem man from sin, Satan sees this as his most important opportunity to seize the power he has been seeking for so long.

These confrontations with Jesus are put into a unique perspective by the author as he compares them with a hostile takeover of a business. As each attempt is rebuffed by God's bigger plan we can see how Satan has had to adjust his plan to try to attain success. I found this perspective very unique. By examining Satan's plan, God's plan for man is clear as well as His method for accomplishing His goal of man's redemption from sin. When God sent His Son to us, His plan was to redeem man from sin once and for all. By doing that, Jesus not only saved man, but He forever ended Satan's ability to attack God's throne. Put in this light, mankind played a role in God's plan that forever insured our place in heaven. All that is required is our participation.

God's Strategic Plan shows that we are not only heirs of this plan, but we must also learn how to put it to use in our own lives. The author gives us a clear plan for taking action in the last chapters. He explains how to incorporate God's plan into our lives and he gives us a method about how to best deal with adversity and failure. He also shows how to discern God's plan for success in life and in the last chapter he goes into great detail about how to discover and develop one's destiny. This was the perfect ending to the book because every Christian has a purpose, but very few live it because there is little information on the subject. If you didn't know that God has a strategic plan for your life, this last chapter will assure you that one exists. You will receive clear instruction about how to go about living it while you continue with your life just as it is! This information alone is priceless and should be read by all Christians who are wondering why God hasn't used them in the scheme of His plans for the world.

This well-written and captivating book is easy to understand and intriguing to read. It will keep you interested from page to page. And, as I have stated, it will give you a new perspective of God's Strategic Plan for our lives. I highly recommend this book for all Christians at all levels of faith and Biblical understanding. This book is a "must-read!"

About The Author...

Robert V. Fullerton

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Robert began his early professional accounting training in the UK. He is a UK Chartered Certified Accountant (FCCA), a Georgia licensed CPA and holds an MBA from the Heriot Watt University of Scotland. He started his career in public accounting some 30 years ago as an apprentice at a firm of Chartered Accountants and has decades of corporate experience as a CFO and CEO of companies in the Caribbean and the US.

Robert is licensed to practice public accounting in the State of Georgia. He owns and manages RVF CPA Services which provides accounting, taxation and financial management services to small and medium sized businesses in Metro Atlanta. Robert began full-time consulting and coaching in 2006, advising business owners on financial management and reporting, strategic planning and business process improvement. He serves on the board of directors of client companies in the food distribution, optical services and import/export sectors.

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