Ramblings of a Madman Review

Ramblings Of A Madman Is An Amazingly Unique Book Of Inspirational Christian Essays and Poems.

Read About God's Love and A Comparison Of The Scriptures and Science.

Ramblings Of a Madman

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Summary For Ramblings Of A Madman by Jim Long 

Author Jim Long wrote his poems and Christian essays from 2005-2013 as comfort and for the teaching of Christian faith based upon "Love thy Neighbor" and also to illustrate what he believes concerning Science and the Holy Bible. It gives the Science of Planets and Cell formation to show that "Faith and Belief in Science is improbable at best. Randomness that created Life and the Earth can be shown to be nothing but Science Fiction." 

Jim also talks about an important subject, Christian Morality and Love for our fellow humans. He has made the commitment to donate 50% of the proceeds from sales to the Mennonite Central Committee (www.mcc.org) for their General Fund, because he strongly believes in their programs for helping strangers after disasters and extending help to the less fortunate.

Book Genre:  Christian General

Ramblings of a Madman Book Review

by Margaret Lukasik 

The Ramblings of a Madman, by Jim Long is an eclectic collection of sage advice based upon scripture for living life as a Christian and as a human being.  The book moves swiftly through the gathered wisdom of Jim's life which he desires to impart to his fellow Christians.  By relating his life experiences he endeavors to save others from making mistakes that might slow their growth in the Christian belief. 

Jim examines a personal authenticity as they live their life by asking such questions as; are they looking for the best in people or are they seeing other people in a negative way?  Is the glass half full or half empty?  The author believes that to be a good Christian one must love others the way Christ loves us and to look for the best rather than dwelling on the negative.  We all have faults that we would rather forget, and we can, if we choose to ask for forgiveness and receive it by faith from Jesus.  If Jesus can forgive and forget, we as his followers should do the same.

In Ramblings of a Madman, Jim shares his relationship with the Father. When the author received salvation and committed to put God at the center of his life, he received many blessings and the peace that God gives when we accept it by faith without doubt or question.  Some of the rewards he lists that occur because of his faith is, true friendship and love, being thankful to God even when he has no idea why something is happening, having the wonderful knowledge that most people, regardless of their beliefs, have shaped his character.

Jim says, I don't ask in prayer for anything for myself because, He already knows what I need.  Jim is so gracious that he thanks his reading audience by saying, "I love you for letting me share my simple faith with you."  He also has a wish list based upon God's love that is straight from his heart.  And that's how I'll end this review.  As you read Jim's book, you'll be inspired by the fact that his heart is always beating at a full capacity for loving others.  Let Jim bring God's love into your life!

About The Author ...

Jim Long

Jim has been writing since the tenth grade in High School when he lived in rural Central Pennsylvania. His Christian and Economical/Political writings started in 2005.

He has created the following sites as a forum for him discussions:  The jimrlong.com Network of Sites which represent jimrlong.us, jimrlong.com, jimrlong.org, jimrlong.info, Freedom-of-Religion.org, Freedom-of-Religion.com, TownSquareJim.com, etc. The sites are currently undergoing repair and re-launch.

Jim has Autistic Spectrum Disorder and is a  Disabled/Retired member of the USAF (Having served during the "Cold War" in South Western US [SAC] and Asia [PACAF]).  He has a BS in Management Information Systems and is Certified in Micro$oft and Cisco Systems.

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