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New Christian Historical Novel, Talmid - The Book Of John

Written by W. R. Sander, This Exciting Novel Goes Back In Time To The First Century Following Three Young People Whose Lives Meet With Great Challenge! 

Talmid The Book of John

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Book Summary Of Talmid - The Book Of John

Set in the first century, three longtime friends find themselves on opposing sides when a mysterious stranger comes to their hometown of K'far-Nachum and sets in motion events that will change the world. 

John, a twelve year-old who has a gift to memorize Scripture quickly, comes to the attention of the local priests, and together they deal with the stranger, a man called Yochanan the Immerser, who is baptizing townspeople in the local river in defiance of the established religious order. Just when they successfully silence this prophet, another even more formidable opponent from Natzeret comes to town, and takes John and his friends from their small town to Herod's Palace, Yerushalayim and finally to a small hill called Gulgota.

Definition:  talmid, pl. (talmid); An indentured apprentice-student of a Rabbi; a student studying under discipline, hence "disciple" rather than merely "student."

Book Review by Margaret Lukasik

Talmid - The Book Of John

W. R. Sander 

I'm going to take you on an amazing journey and give you a glimpse of the life of a young man in the times when Jesus walked with his disciples on earth. Talmid - The Book Of John is a story about a boy who hates his life of poverty living with his mother and uncle, who is now his stepfather, and his little brother who suffers from torments that have plagued him his entire life and which no doctor can cure. This boy has a dream to leave this life behind him and become a priest, to live in a fine home, be respected by everyone, and be able to walk the streets and have people step aside because of his importance. He has one power that he will use to achieve his goal; he can remember everything he sees, reads, or hears. Because of this ability he leaps beyond all of his peers and even elders to get the upper hand in his quest. His years of study of the Holy Scriptures are all safely in his head as he becomes apprentice to the high priest dedicating his life to the fulfillment of the laws of Moses.

    The setting of first century Israel is vivid as the story continues through the eyes of a young man, a boy really, who witnesses the works of John the Baptist and then Jesus with his disciples. The author immerses you in the culture and atmosphere of the time by using the Hebrew names of the people and locations with accurate depictions of the events of that amazing time. As you are drawn deeper into the story you will be astonished to see that young John believes Jesus to be a charlatan, a deceiver. He cannot fathom anyone or anything changing the way of life that has been followed for over two thousand years.

    Even after seeing many unexplainable miracles he is steadfast in his anger at someone trying to change everything he believes in. Or is it because he will lose everything he has dreamed of having and holds most important? He is unable to give up the exalted lifestyle and the wealth to which he has become accustomed. Even after listening to Jesus preach and then speaking to Him directly and having his questions answered Biblically correct, he still cannot bring himself to admit that what he is witnessing is true. To him, as with his superiors, the priests, the laws of Moses are not to be broken; to do that in their eyes is death!

    The story of John the Talmid, apprenticed to a priest of the Law of Moses is written in such a compelling way that the reader will feel compassion for the boy in his constant searching of his soul for the truth. You will see it does not come easily and the cost is great. John and his friends are faced with many decisions and each one leads to deep feelings and wounds that are difficult to heal. A young reader will find this a story that will hold their interest as intently as the contemporary books that are read by young people today. But its message will empower them in a way that the mainstream books cannot. Talmid - The Book Of John is a story that will peak interest in the reader and lead to future study and understanding not only of the Bible but what it means to love the Lord. I highly recommend readers of all ages and genres to take this exciting journey with young John as an indentured apprentice-student of a Rabi, a disciple who learns not only about Jewish law but about love.

About The Author ...

W. R. (Will) Sander

W. R. (Will) Sander was born in Liberia and grew up on the east coast. He currently resides in the Kansas City, Missouri area with his wife Kim and his sons Bradley and Benjamin. 

He has been a Christian since September 26, 1997, when God spoke to him at 30,000 feet on a flight from Kansas City. He is active in the leadership of his church, and performs with the Praise Band. This is his first novel.

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