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The Cure - Prescription For Life Looks Inward To The Spirit

People Will Do Whatever It Takes To Find A Cure For A Terminal Disease, But When It Comes To Spiritual Health We Don't Always See A Deeper Need For God.  

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The Cure - Prescription For Life by Steve Byrens

Yearly billions of dollars are raised by well-meaning organizations attempting to find "the cure" for cancer and other types of terminal diseases. And while these efforts are extremely important, the sad reality is that what we can see so clearly when it comes to our physical health, we reject when it comes to our spiritual health! 

We'll literally do anything to find a cure when we're sick.  We'll do whatever it takes to avoid what will lead to cancer and physical death, and yet never give a second thought to the things that lead to spiritual cancer and spiritual death. It's very interesting to note that while Jesus did much to help people who suffered physically, His main focus was spiritual life. Every time He healed a person, every time He cast out a demon, every time He provided food, it was always to open a persons eyes to his or her deeper need for God.

In "The Beatitudes," Jesus give principles that work much like a doctor diagnosing cancer. By demonstrating the vast difference between the heart of God and the heart of man, He reveals both the depth of our spiritual sickness, as well as the folly of trying to live without God. "The Cure" explores an important spiritual truth: Once we accept the reality of God's diagnosis, the only hope of getting better is  "The Cure" that Jesus offers!

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The Cure - Prescription For Life

By Steve Byrens

The Cure - Prescription For Life by Steve Byrens is a thoroughly enjoyable experience and an unforgettable Christian life book that centers upon the Beatitudes from Matthew 5:1-12.  It's simple message brings awareness to the lack of importance most people give to "spiritual illnesses." So few look to the human heart or "spirit" for what ails them. For many the heart is only an organ that provides continuous blood circulation from the beginning of one heart beat to the beginning of the next. However, while Steve Byrens considers the importance of taking care of our physical health, he also makes his readers look deeper into the spirit of man where so many ills begin. We can visit a medical doctor to save our physical lives, but we must look beyond what we can see to avoid spiritual death.

Steve Byrens consistently reminds the reader to look to the Great Physician and the perfect work that only He can perform within the human heart or spirit. How many of us look to Him for what spiritually ails us? This is where The Cure - Prescription For Life comes alive, through the author's descriptive writing as he builds toward the exciting moment of Jesus with His disciples speaking to the people who had awaited seeing and hearing him with great anticipation. Jesus had become a celebrity but it was the cure of the human heart that Jesus was seeking, not popularity by pleasing the crowd. He speaks not to the minds of the people, but to the human spirit with words of blessings that will cure human pride, arrogance, and self-assurance to bring new life. "The cure" takes the reader from the ego to the spiritual truth that in order to be first with God we must be last.

I highly recommend The Cure - Prescription For Life to every Christian. It's a short study on one of the most important subjects of the Bible. Without the cure that Jesus teaches through the Beatitudes and His ministry we have no sense of truth, purpose for living or consistency about anything going on in the world today. Steve Byrens leaves his readers with a new inner awareness for the need to seek "the cure" that we can only receive through Jesus Christ.

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Steve Byrens, the author of The Cure - Prescription For Life is a former missionary to Guatemala.  He is also the founding Pastor of City on a Hill Community Church, a multi-campus church based in Olivet, Michigan. 

After experiencing the life-changing power of the Gospel message in his own life, Steve has developed a passion for teaching God's Word in a way that connects with people who struggle to accept God's love and grace. 

Married for 22 years to his wife Sonia, together they have raised three children: Daphne, Nathan and Ana. Steve's education includes a Master of Arts in Religion Degree (summa cum laude) from Liberty University.

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